Tuesday, January 3, 09:51:57 PM

Crap. Not nearly as funny or smart as it thinks it is.

Saturday, February 6, 12:50:24 AM

horrible. its not even close to real life. no one is that stuck up or as caught in social life

Sunday, August 10, 08:44:12 PM

loved it and still do!!

Tuesday, January 29, 03:26:19 PM

Rachel McAdams in another 'girly' movie after 'The Hot Chick'? Oooo, mean girls yeah, they're MEAN! Funny, entertaining, and fun to watch Rachel McAdams do her stuff, we are seeing a budding movie STAR with her!

Monday, July 9, 06:54:57 AM

the movie was so real.lol but ya know it i gotta idmit the movie is kind of dirty but i like to watch it.lol.your movie reminds me of the word karma.because there's a lot of things coming back to you and your enemies. and your movie is not funny because there's a lot of people getting hurt!but ya know i'm your biggest fan!.....

Monday, July 9, 06:47:24 AM

hey Lindsy my name is Teccorra it's pernounced Taccorra anyways i love your movie mean girls! i mean you totally rocked the world i hope your my friend it's okay if your not though because i'm only 9 years old but i'm your biggest fan! bye!!!

Tuesday, April 24, 05:01:38 PM

Not only was this movie a good movie but also it was such a true movie this really happens in high schools, maybe not alwayz as extreme as in this movie but it gets the point across. noone likes a mean girl!

Thursday, October 12, 05:22:09 PM

I thought this film was so true to how certian girls do act. When I saw this film, two girls who resemble the girls in the film were in there too. They didn`t find the film very amusing. But I did, mainly because they didn`t. But this was the when the world was introduced to Rachel McAdams and she steals the show as Regina George.

Monday, June 19, 07:58:40 AM

it`s soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo terrific

Sunday, June 4, 06:14:01 PM

the movie is really dirty with all its swearing and everything else but you know what? it`s totally like that in real life! THis is what it`s like at high school. Scary. Lindsay Lohan does a pretty good job, but Rachel McAdams is fantastic as the evil queen bee! I wouldn`t watch the movie again tho, it`s way too dirty.

Thursday, June 1, 03:46:05 AM

well i am from africa and i have long red hair so i can retate to the movie heaps!lol pretty wierd aye? out of 100 i woud give it 150!!! it was soooooo fetch!!!lol

Wednesday, March 15, 07:42:02 PM

love the movie it was so good and funnl lol

Monday, March 6, 02:18:39 PM

hi! the movie was so funny and i am for mexico and i am the fan #1 of lindsay an my favorite movie is the parent trap hoo y iove this movie

Wednesday, February 15, 07:37:19 PM

this movie is like so fetch!!!I can say that knowing it is cause i am a plastic(middle school)I am 1 of the most popular girls in my school!!!

Saturday, January 14, 03:46:46 PM

The movie was okay.I love Rachel McCadams.I hate Lindsay Lohan.So that kinda put it on the down list.But I mean it wasn`t horrible.Some of it was ok but I just don`t like Lohan and that probably didn`t help that she was in it.

Monday, January 9, 04:23:13 PM

I think it`s so fetch!!

Saturday, January 7, 06:38:11 PM

I like the movie meangirls.

Saturday, December 24, 01:20:39 PM

This movie is sooo FETCH! I loved it!

Tuesday, December 20, 01:00:42 PM

this movie was the bomb, rachel and lindsay were hilariious. Awseome screenplay by tina fey.

Sunday, December 11, 11:17:00 AM


Wednesday, December 7, 01:40:27 PM

he maximum vote for the most beautiful film that has ever seen! I beg you fairies 2 paola

Tuesday, December 6, 12:42:15 PM

Even though Rachel Mcadams is a mean girl........ SHE IS HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT and i`m sure all the guys can agree with me on this one

Thursday, November 10, 09:19:41 PM


Thursday, October 20, 02:43:57 PM

i looooooooooooooove that movie!!

Wednesday, October 5, 12:18:18 PM

****this movie is soooooooo funny****

Saturday, September 10, 12:33:02 PM


Wednesday, September 7, 11:19:30 AM

Soooooo funny. Rachel McAdams is sooooo hot. So funny, and the guy was soooo cute. It was soo funny, especially the gym teacher. (lol) (i`m 11 years old)

Saturday, August 13, 12:03:20 AM

any movie with Lindsay Lohan in it rocks.

Wednesday, August 10, 08:18:42 PM


Monday, July 18, 01:21:38 AM

awesome movie. I hope they will be a sequel to this. I also hope that Lindsay Lohan will in the sequel and I also hope that she will be in the next nightmare on elm street movie.

Monday, July 11, 12:22:01 AM

Totally awsom movie it so rocked!! :-D

Thursday, June 16, 12:49:06 PM

fab,rave and tottally classic

Friday, April 29, 03:31:22 PM

this movie is the bomb

Friday, February 4, 10:47:15 PM


Monday, January 31, 11:20:05 AM

mean girls should have been nominated and won best orignal screen play best, film editing, best supporting actress, best actress, best directer, and best picture for the acaadamy awards.

Friday, January 28, 08:41:12 PM

this movie it`s super super super good and funny. Genny xxx

Friday, January 28, 07:30:00 PM

this is the best move i have ever seen in my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, January 23, 02:53:38 PM

This is the best movie I`ve ever seen. I thought that it was stupid when it was in theaters, but I saw it a a friend`s house and I loved it. I even went out and bought it. I live the caracter of Karen. She and Gretchen are "so fetch". Wonderful movie. I don`t like Lindsy Lohan much, but I loved her in this movie. ***** out of **** stars. GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, January 15, 06:41:17 PM

i absolutely LOVED it awesome and funny 4 stars

Friday, January 14, 10:21:22 PM

This Movie Roxed!! It was Funny, a little rude, and so funny!