Thursday, December 28, 11:13:49 PM

Great movie with top notch acting and good plot. Love the dog.

Wednesday, October 25, 09:21:12 PM

Love this movie. So much must see

Wednesday, September 6, 05:36:12 PM


Wednesday, August 9, 01:05:18 PM

I love true stories. This one is the one I'll remember for a long time! I gave this 5 stars, all so 5 hearts! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Sunday, July 30, 08:44:59 PM

I thoroughly enjoyed this movie! The acting was great and the story was told very well.

Tuesday, July 4, 06:42:33 PM

What a excellent movie 5 stars!!

Monday, July 3, 02:02:09 PM

I liked the entire movie, but the relationship between Megan and her dog sometimes nearly brought tears to my eyes. I love stories like this.

Saturday, July 1, 03:58:58 PM

Great movie. Must see. At home though. all effects do not require the big screen

Friday, June 30, 09:26:44 PM

wonderful movie...

Monday, June 26, 07:13:19 PM

very good movie!

Saturday, June 24, 12:46:29 PM

Excellent movie!!

Saturday, June 24, 12:24:10 PM

Good movie based on a true story that I would just doesn't require the big screen...I always say with the cost of going to a movie now which is easily $50 for two people, I try to see movies where the theatre, big screen and big sound make a difference and watch the others later on. I could easily have seen this movie afterward but if you have nothing else left on your movie list, then by all means see it!

Saturday, June 24, 10:01:52 AM

Awesome movie!!

Saturday, June 24, 10:01:35 AM

Awesome movie!!

Friday, June 23, 08:29:24 PM

Awesome. What's not to like...patriotic and dogs. Could not be better!

Friday, June 23, 04:25:51 PM

Amazing movie!

Thursday, June 22, 02:10:39 PM

10 Stars if I could...this is a must see movie...

Thursday, June 22, 02:09:35 PM

Excellent movie. Worth seeing.

Thursday, June 22, 01:02:22 PM

Excellent movie!!

Sunday, June 18, 03:55:43 PM

Love movies about our heroes in the service who are under-payed,under-stress and under-appreciated by most of a dumb down MSM. I love our other super heroes as well (the four legged medal of honor grunts). God bless all who serve this country and risk their lives so we may remain free of tyranny!

Saturday, June 17, 11:54:39 PM

Love this movie !!!!!

Saturday, June 17, 12:44:14 AM


Friday, June 16, 06:58:58 PM

Loved this movie! Kate Mara was excellent portraying the real Megan Leavey. Loved the connection with Rex, the war dog and how Megan fought for his adoption. Loved that this is a true story.

Friday, June 16, 07:32:26 AM

Heartwarming, educational, and entertaining portrayal

Thursday, June 15, 07:21:47 PM

Very good movie. I'm going to present a different opinion from the others who've reviewed here though. I do not believe a service dog, trained to be aggresssive, should end up as a pet. These are working dogs, attack dogs, and that is an important fact. I would not ever allow my kids to be around these animals, and therefore, they really should not be in a regular household, where they could get into the public - dogs do get out of their yards sometimes, and that could make for a dangerous situation. Being a lover of dogs all my life, and having huge respect for these animal soldiers, we still have to respect what they were trained and are capable of doing, when put in various circumstances.

Thursday, June 15, 06:23:15 PM

Such a heartwarming movie and true story. Kept your interest throughout the whole movie. These are the kind of movies you will remember. This is a movie that nobody can say they didn't like. Loved it

Wednesday, June 14, 06:26:25 AM

Loved this film...well done

Tuesday, June 13, 05:24:35 PM

Excellent movie!

Tuesday, June 13, 11:28:44 AM

Totally loved this movie...German Shepherds are an amazing Dog,companion , the list goes on

Sunday, June 11, 05:11:54 PM

Loved the movie...Great acting and great story for brave soldiers!

Sunday, June 11, 08:13:45 AM

A must see...

Saturday, June 10, 10:51:27 PM

Very good real life story for older kids, seniors or general audiences.

Saturday, June 10, 07:15:08 PM

Good flick. No. Loof

Saturday, June 10, 07:13:14 PM

An amazing true story of courage and perserverence! A must see!!!

Saturday, June 10, 06:41:15 PM

For real, I rate this movie 10/5. Its absolutely amazing. I knew that you could tear up during it but I wasn't prepared for that emotional trip.

Friday, June 9, 11:12:44 PM

Best movie I have seen in a very long time. Very realistic and both main stars those being Rex and Leavey were excellent. German Shepherds are very intelligent and loyal. They are so beautiful, loving and understanding. The bond between pet and owner is extremely strong and owner's heart aches if anything happens to pet. This is a movie I could watch over and over. I would highly recommend seeng it.

Friday, June 9, 10:42:10 PM

An excellent movie that I am glad I went to see! Kate Mara who plays the central role even looks uncannily like the real Megan Leavey whose picture is shown at the end. Made me cry at times as it depicts how those who have bonded with their pets know what it is like and how they are all about love .It depicts the bravery too of humans and animals who are dedicated to helping one another.

Friday, June 9, 03:20:36 PM

Sometimes, small people make the biggest difference. This is not an earth shattering story and there are no big special effects but the film gets and keeps your attention from the start. The main character is not lovable in the traditional sense but once you get what makes her tick, you really want to see the best for her. This was a really sweet film and a big, feel-good story from a little person!

Friday, June 9, 09:07:09 AM

A must see,my kids 13 and 15 loved it also

Friday, June 9, 09:05:56 AM

Wonderful heart warming film,German Shepherds...gotta love them