Monday, June 6, 09:53:03 AM

It was slow , boring , disturbing especially at the end . The ending didn't make any since . Beautiful country side only thing good going for it . If could give a no star I would . No way near scary just weird , confusing.

Thursday, June 2, 08:23:36 PM

I can't understand the bad reviews - this was a beautiful film, well acted, beautiful scenery I JUST DIDN"T GET THE ENDING

Thursday, June 2, 05:50:38 PM

Men is very bab and is worst moby every made. Much rather see bobe boogie movi

Wednesday, June 1, 11:36:24 PM

Made little since, can't tell where its going and in the end your asking yourself what the ----!

Monday, May 30, 12:03:30 PM

Seemed oddly incoherent, especially toward what I thought was an incomprehensible , disturbing ending.

Monday, May 30, 09:30:38 AM

I liked the buildup—basically at walking pace but it surely did make an hour and 40 minutes seem like a lifetime. In the end, I left the cinema wondering what just happened. Stumped doesn't begin to define the movie! Give it to the actors though for sticking to the script/or lack of it.

Wednesday, May 25, 06:25:40 PM

It starts out with a lot of potential. The setting is perfect for a lot of other world activity. It seems the writer did not know how to give us something believable. The end of the Movie is the worst let down! Sooo disappointing!!

Tuesday, May 24, 09:32:32 AM

This movie was slow and basically was a a man bashing movie. I could not wait for it to end. Wish I had not wasted my money.

Monday, May 23, 08:05:10 PM

Alex Garland, love his work. Visually awesome. Not overly scary. Definitely not a movie for everyone. It has something to say about men and you'll like it or won't. I think they fell a bit short in what they were trying to say but it was still a great movie as I'm a huge Alex Garland fan.

Sunday, May 22, 07:51:18 PM

It wasn't bad. It wasn't too long. Beautiful England county side and weird men around her... It wasn't too scared