Wednesday, March 22, 02:46:09 AM

Interminable and painfully shallow, with another infuriating non-ending just like HEREDITARY. A movie made by imbeciles for imbeciles.

Thursday, July 14, 03:21:59 PM

Ridiculous. One of the worst films ever made. But it appears to be satisfying to viewers who don't have any clue about the horror genres. Watch a Val Lewton film instead.

Sunday, September 12, 09:35:26 PM

Talentless Ari Aster received inexplicably positive notices for his previous film, the terrible HEREDITARY, so he gets another chance to waste millions of dollars on another piece of crap. This has a wretched script, annoying characters, and another non-ending just like HEREDITARY. Ugh! And it's insufferably pretentious too. Watch a real horror movie instead.

Saturday, August 21, 02:49:38 AM

Starts as a bad ripoff of THE WICKER MAN (1973) and gets worse from there. Director Ari Aster doesn't have a good or original thought in his puny little head, and anyone who sat through his previous film -the massively overpraised HEREDITARY- should know to stay away from this crap.

Sunday, October 6, 09:31:10 PM

I give it three and a half Stars. It was really creative and original but oddly enough I found a kind of boring. Yes there were a few really sick demented scenes, but I would not call this a horror movie. I went into this movie fairly blind as to not spoil any of it and was a huge hereditary and so I think my expectations were a little too high. Disturbing scenes do stick with you though. They did a very decent realistic portrayal people tripping on hallucinogens. IDK. It was good but long I would never want to watch it again.

Wednesday, September 11, 12:52:57 AM

Amazing movie!!! If you ever wanted to know what it's like to be apart of a pagan cult like society this is the film for you! Let's just say you will be awed and shocked at the same time. Not for the faint of heart. Very in depth moving down to the finest detail... If you grew up in a deeply rooted religious household, if you ever denounced your faith at some point in your life... you will connect with this movie! If you haven't experienced a deeply religious up bringing or do not believe in anything you most likely will not connect with this and won't understand it... This movie is for the thinker... Societies like this exist in pockets around the world... to the degree of what and whom they worship is left for you to research and find out!!! Very interesting...

Monday, September 9, 05:19:09 PM

This movie makes you feel like your apart of a traditionsl commune cult like setting... It grabs you and pulls you in whether you like it or not. Making one feel what it is to grow up in something you can never let go of... Extremely religious societies like this still exist out there around the world maybe not to the extent of sacrificial ceremonies but to the extent of keeping their ancient traditions alive whether good or bad. Usually sects that are being persecuted for their ways have to seclude themselves from regular society in order to continue their possibly illegal activities.... This movie takes an array of traditional practices and throws it into one twisted basket. It shows what a society can become when it truly becomes lost from the light and truth. Religious people will understand this movie probably more than those who are not grounded in anything...

Monday, August 5, 02:18:00 PM

Beautiful to watch and unlike any other horror movie i've ever seen.

Wednesday, July 31, 01:24:43 PM


Sunday, July 28, 05:44:12 PM

Finally checked this one out today and really liked it. Twisted.

Sunday, July 28, 08:43:56 AM

Whoever wrote this should go back to church, silly t**t: I'm not surprised some people are entertained by this. The Game of Thrones fans have to watch something now that it's over. The sick and twisted minds that enjoy seeing people suffer and be murdered made this a hit. Congratulations. - The movie was fantastic!!!

Sunday, July 28, 08:10:06 AM

This is not a simple movie to understand. There are elements of Norse mythology and wiccan practice that can cause confusion among views. The scenes of sex, death, and very troubling interactions may confuse people. However, it is very artistic and thought provoking.

Thursday, July 25, 03:13:38 PM

I'm not surprised some people are entertained by this. The Game of Thrones fans have to watch something now that it's over. The sick and twisted minds that enjoy seeing people suffer and be murdered made this a hit. Congratulations.

Thursday, July 25, 03:10:10 PM

Ari Aster has again, made me uncomfortable and unable to sleep. This movie is hard to watch , its anxiety inducing, its all about grief and loss of control, and a bad breakup. Watching some parts, I felt like I was intruding in the characters lives, and some parts haven't left my mind yet. Its a brilliant edition to the horror genre. Also, not plus, it does have some humor in it.

Thursday, July 25, 03:07:30 PM

Extremely disturbing and interesting. Ending was a disappointment.

Thursday, July 25, 03:05:34 PM

I'm not a fan of the horror genre, but I am a fan of brilliant cinematography and film making. The director managed to give us horror in the most beautiful setting EVER... and he did it all without scary slimy monsters or a chainsaw. He focused purely on the human condition, and to be honest, it scared the hell out of me. It magnified everything we're all currently obsessing over ( frequent foreign travel, self awareness, spiritual awakenings,etc) and made it all dark. The scenes are prolonged purposely to deliver more anxiety and fear. This new age of horror directors are pushing buttons and pulling us outside of our warm cozy boxes. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Thursday, July 25, 03:03:17 PM

Loved it!!! Never seen anything like it before!

Sunday, July 21, 08:50:17 AM

This is the worst movie I have ever seen. Please do not waste your money on this movie. Yes, it is thought provoking and the filming is good but such a bad script. How can a director make such a movie! The subject matter is interesting and yet the director chose to make such a terrible movie.

Saturday, July 20, 10:09:30 PM

wow! how can this movie getting 5 stars?

Saturday, July 20, 10:08:33 PM

worth nothing, don't waste of money

Saturday, July 20, 03:12:20 PM

This was bad enough when it was called The Hunger Games...

Friday, July 19, 11:11:05 AM

If you are familiar with Ari Aster and/or have heard the hype around Hereditary, then you should be prepared for this film. It’s strange and thought provoking (which makes some people mad I don’t know why) also makes you feel incredibly uncomfortable which is what I love about it. Personally im so de-sensitized by jump scares and ghost stories and haunted dolls that when a film like this comes along that takes you off the beaten path and truly disturbed me I beg for more.

Thursday, July 18, 06:25:28 PM

Movie. Sucked...long. and boring...wasnt a thriller...more about a cult

Thursday, July 18, 04:35:34 PM

This is a very disturbing movie. Not really a horror film as the term is normally used, it's more just about horrible people doing horrible things. If you think watching the Holocaust would make a good horror film, this one's for you.

Wednesday, July 17, 10:13:40 PM

God i love reading through the one star reviews of this movie about people who are pissed that it had gore and shit. Its a thriller ya'll aka horror shit in it. Don't be spicy just cause you cant read. Also to the people who thought it didn't relate to the audience at all; A main theme of the movie is the shared experience of womanhood and grief, I'm so glad you haven't experienced it but surprisingly the world doesn't revolve around you! Just because you cant relate to a certain experience doesn't mean others cant. Try to have an open mind for once. (also like, sex scenes happen in movies and books all the time, its a really good way to get into the characters head and show vulnerability, also its a thing that happens in real life and is filled with emotion, get over it)

Wednesday, July 17, 10:03:42 PM

This movie is a masterpiece of writing, story telling, and cinematography. 10/10 I'm planning on going to see it again on Friday with my friend. The themes are beautifully executed and the narrative question stays consistent throughout the entire film. The thriller/horror aspects don't feel forced or over the top. I absolutely love this movie and encourage anyone else who's a writer or appreciates good writing to go see it.

Wednesday, July 17, 12:14:52 PM

Wonderful story-telling, photography, customs and acting. A delight!

Tuesday, July 16, 01:41:01 PM

Disgusting gore. Extreme violence. Wish I had never seen it. Would like to have my brain scrubbed so that I can clean out the images.

Tuesday, July 16, 12:08:46 PM

Loved the movie, if you don't like gore or disturbing scenes you should stay away from this one though because you won't like it if you can't stand those 2 things, a must own for me when it releases!

Monday, July 15, 05:57:21 PM


Monday, July 15, 05:54:37 PM

Another really cool movie from Ari Astor!

Monday, July 15, 05:51:58 PM

Saw this movie two weeks ago and still thinking about it. Reminded me of psychological horror movies from the 60s and 70s. Liked it a lot.

Monday, July 15, 05:46:17 PM

An incredible movie,a 2 1/2 hour panic attack. Beautifully shot and so in touch with how women grieve,handle emotion and have shitty boyfriends

Monday, July 15, 02:36:48 AM

A waste of time and money. Not worth watching

Sunday, July 14, 11:59:08 PM

Really! It was ridiculous

Saturday, July 13, 07:27:41 AM

One of the top ten worst movies of all time.

Friday, July 12, 10:52:03 PM

Definitely not a movie for every one, but if you enjoy a movie that doesnt completely lay out the plot for you and leaves you with questions at the end, this is the movie for you. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie and highly recommend it.

Thursday, July 11, 05:23:13 PM

one of the most stupid movies i've ever seen. i left half way thru it.

Thursday, July 11, 11:07:31 AM

Soooooo good best movie I’ve seen this year

Wednesday, July 10, 06:10:58 PM

Happy when it finally ended.