Wednesday, November 13, 11:09:09 PM

I think the Chinese politicians rewrote this history by not putting Chiang’s colors on the Doolittle Raiders’ leather flight jackets. Emmerich should have dug his heels in. It’s as bad as the fool who painted the French Fleet flying the Revolutionary Tri Color flag at the battle of Yorktown, for which the USS Yorktown was named for.

Wednesday, November 13, 09:40:19 PM

What's not to like was GREAT !!!

Wednesday, November 13, 09:16:56 PM

I felt that it was vastly over-rated. It was very much like an action video game.

Wednesday, November 13, 05:12:49 PM

I loved this movie. Yes a few details were not fully correct, such as the Japanese carrier decks were jammed with aircraft ready to take off but could not because US attacking planes forced the carriers into evasive action. But so what. Some people don't like to see that America at that time was fighting mad and the war produced men who loved their country and gave their lives for our freedom. A lot of information was crammed into this movie. But its purpose was to honor American fighting men. I am a Viet Nam Vet. The news media villafied us to the point that we were spit at at the airports across America. I for one applaud the movie makers for reminding America that our fighting men give up a lot to defend our freedom. So take your liberal attitude and shove it. I loved this flick.

Wednesday, November 13, 02:01:56 PM

They are and will always be The Greatest Generation. Their bravery is indisputable. Enjoyed the history from both American and Japanese perspective. Was overcome with pride for our service men, women and their families.

Wednesday, November 13, 11:37:31 AM

GOOD MOVIE. Real piece of history and how young men fought to protect this great land. Makes you appreciate your country and freedom even more. America will always be number one.

Wednesday, November 13, 10:31:20 AM

Another garbage film from Emmerich, one of the worst Hollywood hacks.

Wednesday, November 13, 12:28:29 AM

Excellent movie. We need movies like this to keep us informed and educated. The young men with little training and no experience facing such a ghastly war makes survival even more incredible. Very impressive how quickly the planes came to a halt once they landed on the carrier. Interesting too the decoders. So much more to the war that we know nothing about. A great movie, well done.

Tuesday, November 12, 12:14:15 PM

Much better than the terrible trailer advertising it. The only downside to the film is most of the film is not about Midway itself but the first 7 months of the war which means a kind of rush job at the end of the film to cover the actual battle while skipping through large sections of the battle. Worth seeing despite these flaws.

Sunday, November 10, 10:37:58 PM

Being familiar with the pacific WW 2 history , I was able to understand the events portrayed in the lead up to the Battle of Midway . But someone not as familiar with the events may have a hard time following along , as the film ,I thought didn't go into much detail in important events such as the Dolittle raid . They glanced over it ,but didn't emphasize how unprecedented it was to launch bombers from an aircraft carrier . The air battle scenes I thought were awesome but as others have stated made up too small a part of the film . Seeing that it was a film about Midway ,it should have dedicated more of the film to the actual battle . Just my opinion .

Sunday, November 10, 10:00:35 PM

We really enjoyed the movie. I was somewhat concerned that this might be a B movie or a ridiculous caricature of the event like the Ben Affleck Pearl Harbour was. But I was pleasantly surprised and Midway turned out to be well written with good pacing and character development. They didn't give it the R rating gory treatment such as so many war movies like Private Ryan, and that was a good call in my book. I read a few of the previous reviews and am somewhat puzzled at the CGI criticism. The planes looked gritty and authentic to me, and the dive bombing was thrilling. The story line only gave about 30+ minutes to the actual battle because this was the climax of the story. The background, Pearl Harbour attack and other historic events needed to be told as the average young movie goer has little idea of the history, or why Midway happened. During this time, the Japanese were villains, by the way. They tortured at will and the Pearl Harbour attack was done without a declaration of war. They were dark days, and we can be thankful today that Germany and Japan have become such great nations.

Sunday, November 10, 09:27:14 PM

A fun movie overall. Informative and interesting, especially the Japanese perspective which is usually omitted. The Japanese also had real characters that were not portrayed as just villains, but officers doing their duty. Not a simple “good guys vs. bad guys” type plot. The script is not great, some really cliche and corny dialogue. But otherwise it was enjoyable and historically accurate. Pretty long, some of the battle scenes could have been cut down.

Sunday, November 10, 09:09:30 PM

Just an excellent movie.

Sunday, November 10, 08:37:23 PM

Definitely worth to watch!!!

Sunday, November 10, 04:06:21 PM

Better than Independence Day.

Sunday, November 10, 02:35:50 PM

This movie is considerably better than the 'Pearl Harbor' we were served in 2001. It is historically accurate even though too much time is spent on the events preceding the Japanese attack on Midway and too little is spent on the point of view of the Japanese. The acting is decent at best and the CGI is exaggerating some aspects naval aerial warfare, namely the visibility of anti-aircraft firepower.

Sunday, November 10, 01:56:04 PM

Midway is a film that is very much eye candy. The dialogue is often a bit silly to explain to the audience what is going on as it assumes the audience does not know the history of the Pacific War or much about the Battle of Midway. What is most disappointing is how little of the Battle of Midway is actually in the film. What we get instead is a a 7 month romp in 2 hours and 18 minutes of the Pacific war by relieving Pearl Harbor, the raid on the Marshall Islands, Jimmy Doolittle's raid on Tokyo and a romance story and a story of young officers and enlisted men trying to find their strength and skill in war. What we don't get is the map and discussion of Midway or truly a glimpse of the Japanese mind at work in their plans to seize Midway. Though one get plenty of good action and a roller coaster experience of being with the American dive bombers in the 3 most critical moments at Midway, one is cut to the quick how quickly it is all over and the credits are rolling realizing how little of the film was actually given to the battle of Midway. This would be a bit like going to see the 1993 film Gettysburg to find the first hour and a half of the film covers 1861 to 1863 and the last 40 minutes covers the battle of Gettysburg itself. Perhaps the take away is that Midway is not a better success because the slowness of an audience who the director must have felt he had to lead by the hand. 4 stars out of 5 recommend to see it despite it's flaws.

Sunday, November 10, 01:25:35 AM

Just seeing this movie will keep America great! Director Emmerich brings the same flair for spectacle he brought to Independence Day: Resurgence, but it's the performances -- the character moments -- that defines the picture's greatness. Dunkirk may have had Harry Styles, but Midway has Joe Jonas, the next big action star.

Sunday, November 10, 01:21:10 AM

Excellent movie. I was dodging planes and was on the edge of my seat through the movie.

Saturday, November 9, 06:14:40 PM

This movie is amazing. Learned a lot more when what was taught to me in school since we only learned about Pearl Harbour.

Saturday, November 9, 05:55:21 PM

Loved the movie BUT did not care for all CGI.

Friday, November 8, 08:38:28 PM

I go to movies for entertainment, no deep hidden agenda here. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. Enjoyed the background on Pearl Harbor and the action scenes which had me on the edge of my seat. If you're Mr. or Mrs. Joe or Jane Average that wants a night out, I think you'll feel you got your money's worth.

Friday, November 8, 08:27:21 PM

Fantastic! Really enjoyed the movie, great action and it kept me back in my seat 💺 Who ever didn’t like this should have went next door and watched Adams Family.

Friday, November 8, 04:53:08 PM

As a former navy man , it was an accurate Presentation of life on an aircraft carrier, and touched on submarines, .. and the importance of code/cryto breakers ... it was suspenseful, from a pilot and naval strategic planners view points ... should be a great father/single mom/son movie

Friday, November 8, 04:10:31 PM

From director Roland Emmerich the celebrated director of small-budget science fiction films and action films like Universal Soldier in 1992. Stargate,Independence Day (1996) and The Patriot (2000) we get a new take of the decisive turning point battle of the Pacific war. True to his past form, Roland Emmerich has given us another Roland Emmerich type film.

Friday, November 8, 04:02:58 PM

This film at 2 hours and 18 minutes is only about a third of it about Midway. Instead of a film about Midway we go through the attack on Pear Harbor, follow the Doolittle raid and a romance story all before we get into the Midway story. This leaves almost no room for the Japanese perspective or clear narration before it turns into a cgi fest of explosions and planes all over the screen. This film will be enjoyable to people who like action films but for the history buffs one will not so much be disappointed in the film but wonder why the director decided to spread his energy all over the place before telling the Midway story just to end up in a rush.

Friday, November 8, 03:58:37 PM

Terrific special effects and love the history of it.

Friday, November 8, 03:41:11 PM

Lots of action & great acting. Special effects were awesome. Being based on true events made it even better. Go see it... you will enjoy!!!

Friday, November 8, 03:27:39 PM

Awesome movie!! Great acting!

Friday, November 8, 01:41:21 PM

Liked: Action and adventure and realism. Historical facts. Dislikes: None. Excellent movie!

Friday, November 8, 11:51:31 AM

I'm a serious student of Midway for over 45 years. Growing up, I was able to spend time with a man who was a veteran of Midway. We saw the film in the 1970's that came out and I recall many of him comments about the feel of the time and the attitude of the pilots. Being thus so very deep in the subject the actual feel of the battle and the true size and scope of the Pacific hide and seek game was the main narrative I was looking for and even more so, was the more interesting story of how truly desperate Japan was looking for that fatal blow to deliver her from being crushed by a super power that would have her on her knees in two years if she couldn't win a decisive battle. Though the story line is not lacking it is almost hard to believe that the film makers managed to ruin the feel by an attempt to provide an over the top cgi experience that ends up becoming comical. Worse, the cgi looks like cgi - like the cgi of the late 90's to the degree it becomes a distraction and makes suspension of disbelieve possible. I think on the positive side that the bombing of this film will make possible a future film in a decade or so done right without the poor fake looking cgi.

Friday, November 8, 08:05:52 AM

A big, brassy Hollywood history lesson of the sort we so rarely see these days. Incredible action but it's the performances that really separate this one from the pack; Joe Jonas is a revelation.

Thursday, November 7, 03:34:47 PM

Cgi looked like something out of a computer game. After waiting 42 years for a remake you think the time would have been put into a better remake but but what one gets is a rather silly flourish of explosions and clusters of planes that looks more like star wars with tie fighters and rebels flying around the death star. Maybe they will get down to basics and make a real film using real planes and spend more time on the truly interesting point of Midway which would be the Japanese operational plan and their perspective. Instead what one gets is a love story, cgi phantasmagoria and what appears to be a spin off from Pearl Harbor. Next time, next time, if there is one, do it right and don't disappoint the fans and the history buffs and those who wish to see something more than a computer game.