Thursday, July 16, 02:32:08 AM

they somehow made a war movie with killing pg for kids, total disrespect for real war heroes.

Saturday, February 22, 01:26:40 PM

Very factual version of Midway. All young people should see this.

Thursday, February 20, 05:19:13 PM

Probably the worst war movie I have ever seen and I love war movies! Scenes skip all over the place, hokey dialogue, and terrible acting. Really, Patrick Wilson and Woody Harrelson as war heroes? Casting was terrible, because there was no plot. What a waste.

Monday, February 10, 04:00:56 PM

it's been done before , let it go

Sunday, February 9, 01:21:42 AM

I loved everything about the movie. The cast, script, directing, and special affects were superb. A great war movie experience.

Monday, February 3, 04:44:28 PM

This version of the Battle of Midway is all military with none of the traditional Hollywood drama. As good as the 1976 version was in portraying each side even-handedly, it used a great deal of stock footage from other movies, some of which showed planes and ships just not in the battle. With CGI this Midway doesn't need that. It recreates things authentically and presents the stories of real Navy men (sorry, ladies! no romance) without fictional characters to build audience sympathy around. One of THE BEST WW II movies ever made!

Wednesday, January 22, 10:42:19 PM

action packed great actors realistic effects will be a classic ww2 movie

Tuesday, January 7, 03:25:38 PM

It was a great movie. I enjoy watching history . This was a story of what really happened .When the Japanese attacks Pear Harbor. Our military are the greatest.

Saturday, January 4, 12:47:14 AM

So real. Not Hollywood made up. Real stories of the people that were there. Marvelous film.

Friday, January 3, 10:01:56 PM


Thursday, December 26, 05:23:12 PM

The movie gets pretty intense, but it’s really good. I loved it!

Monday, December 23, 12:39:34 PM

Great movie! Very realistic movie! Better than the 1976 "Midway" movie! My dad was a Navy doctor working on a hospital ship in the Pacific during WWII.

Sunday, December 22, 01:42:45 AM

Acting and cast are great. Best battle scenes ever done. You feel like you actually there. All the passion and heroics make the audience cheer. Very accurate and done on location. Oscars all around.

Thursday, December 19, 11:49:08 PM

Yes, very a WW2 buff it is impossible to put everything from that period in perspective as in the totally different perspectives of Japanese culture in war and the American way of fighting a war. Really a huge turning point in the Pacific and the downfall of Japans Navy. They condensed a hug chunk of history into a movie... well done. A tragedy for both young American and Japanese men but an entertaining movie.

Tuesday, December 17, 10:58:08 PM

Excellent movie; saw it three times ; Ignore the 1* IDIOTS - they know not what they say.

Sunday, December 8, 11:21:56 PM

Effect were great but too much information dumped into one movie. Pearl, Doolittle and Coral Sea give some back group, but have nothing to do with Midway other than tactics gained from the previous battles.

Sunday, December 8, 11:50:42 AM

Action kept you on the edge of your seat. Great overview of historical events. Turns out the reviewer that gave it one star in the paper didn't have a clue of what it's like to be in the military.

Saturday, December 7, 01:56:29 AM

Response to Reviewer: Doolittle Raid had nothing to do with Midway. 3 points of this short segment. - 1. give credit to Jimmy Doolittle & his men, 2. Hit the heart of Japan , (a first)showing them they're not invulnerable, 3. Bombers taking off an aircraft carrier (a first). The significance , of these air/sea battles demonstrated naval air power & is the way of the future. . Previously the battleship was the star of a countries naval power. Big ship to ship sea battles gradually diminished giving way to Naval air power. Today, the Aircraft Carrier Rules the seas. Today, the Carrier (not the battleship)sits center stage of a naval battle group. All the ships surrounding her, is to support or/& protect her..With no exceptions - this is a great movie. It showed war from many different perspectives: strategy & intelligence, (both sides)courage, very realistic air combat, what spouses had to go thru etc. And without the gore. That was demonstrated only verbally when the doctor said we're putting "body-parts in pillow cases. This is a great tribute to the military & should be seen by all. (and without bias) rh

Friday, December 6, 08:36:35 PM

I liked the heroism they portrayed. My father fought in the Pacific in WWII so I can relate to the story. I was absorbed by the story.

Friday, December 6, 03:46:07 PM

Acting is super. Very realistic war action. It shows how dangerous being in WW2 is. War is war & that means bullets & bombs & injury/death. Movie rating is in the eye of the beholder. Glad there are positive reviews by those who saw the movie. Still question why many movie critics gave an average rating. No this is not a so-so's high action & when the plane drops it's bomb & pulls up ya can nearly feel the G forces in your theatre seat. Heart rate increases many times ....great movie.

Thursday, December 5, 02:25:30 AM

One of the best war docudramas' ever made. Riveting aerial combat sequences ,CG & all. You needed the brief intimate/personal stories. the selflessness/strength of the military wives; the strategies, conversations & comments from the Japanese perspective & their human side, (as cruel as they were). Not to mention their seriously disciplined military. The brilliant code breakers , & officers making the tough decisions, & last but not least; the aviators who had the courage to fly thru over whelming fire power. The American planes shot out of the sky & dropping into the ocean was not overly done, we did lose entire squadrons (a squadron is up to 24 planes) & some where only a few planes returned. Movie time constraints is what explains some sequences. Do you think those air battles were really only 2 minutes long? The sound track played a significant role in the drama & power of the movie. The tribute to both Japan & U.S. Navy personal & some of the exceptional men was a great conclusion to the movie. The DVD release will be a great addition to my WW2 documentary collection. rh

Wednesday, December 4, 12:38:20 PM

MUST SEE! Well done !!!!

Tuesday, December 3, 05:44:24 PM

Well put together movie.

Monday, December 2, 11:02:29 AM

Best movie I have seen in a very long time

Saturday, November 30, 05:09:05 PM

8 out of 10 good film enjoy it very much would see it again....dont listen to the people giving it negative reviews, nik picking stupid crap, go see it for your self and dont let the few that didn't like it make you're own decision, their looking for perfection in the Oscar winning movie at the Academy Awards

Saturday, November 30, 02:57:13 PM

Very realistic, felt as though I was there with them!

Saturday, November 30, 10:16:35 AM

the movie was good,, this version was different than the original in the 70s. I missed the speakers under the seats

Friday, November 29, 09:08:53 PM

Great Historical Movie considering Hollywood's past history of messing with history to sell at the box office. Would have liked to see more of The Doolittle Raiders story as it related to the battle of Midway.

Thursday, November 28, 09:34:32 PM

Great Historical Movie. I 'll add my historical knowledge of WW2 also. It turns out few people know why P.H. was bombed. The movie gave very briefly a glimpse of why, when The Japanese told the Americans not to back them into a corner, The details: Roosevelt told Japan if they didn't stop there incursion & the slaughter of the Chinese (we're talking massive rape, bayonet practice on civilians & many other atrocities.) we would halt oil shipments to Japan. Japan didn't stop. America was friends with the Dutch & Japan had there sights on the oil fields in the Dutch East Indies. (as we were no longer their supplier). Japan feared the Pacific Fleet would come to the aid of the Dutch , hence destroy the Pacific Fleet at P.H. Yamamoto studied at Harvard & had great insight into America industrial power. This is why his famous quote(from diary) "we have awaken a sleeping giant & filled him with terrible resolve came to be . My question always was; What if the Carriers were at P.H at the time of the attack & destroyed? I hope to see the movie again. rh

Thursday, November 28, 11:14:15 AM


Wednesday, November 27, 06:57:18 PM

Really enjoined the info on their later lives & honors

Wednesday, November 27, 02:46:33 PM

As a military historian, I was afraid to go see this movie. Was expecting transgenders,, gay pilots, women heroes, and the like, as this is all we see from Hollywood lately. Only a snowflake would hate this movie, but it was absolutely outstanding, and spot on with history. I sat with my wife, and told her what would happen next, and Boom!, there it was. Most exceptional, Mr Emmerich.

Wednesday, November 27, 01:35:34 PM

First, I am a retired Mustang Naval Aviation Officer, so my opinions are based on 24 years of practical experience and historical knowledge. 1. History - spot on. 2. Personal relationships - sorry, but those play an important role in real sailors & aviators lives as they are rarely home like their Zoomie counterparts; so vital to this story. 3. Technically - deadly accurate to the chemical O2 converter to the dive bombing and weapons. 4. I find some of the reviewers don't know squat about this nation's history. Even one sad citizen doesn't know about the Cold War that was subsequent to WW II until Mr. Reagan crushed the USSR Soviet socialists. That explains why so many of the younger generations think socialism will fix their personal shortfalls and problems. Our teachers and schools and universities are failures in producing Americans. 5. Accuracy - not the past Hollywood cosmetics, but raw factual movie. If the actors and their characters seem lackluster, just take a hard look of yourself. When I was out there, I was bigger than life; but after retiring into the plush and less stressful civilian world, I and my personality just faded into the background. If you want phony heroes, watch the last Rambo movie. But if you want to see normal people of that era, this movie kept their normal personalities down to the level that all of us average citizens are at. 6. Now for the real deal in a review - I froze and rarely breathed during the attacks on the carriers, esp. the dive bombing runs. Folks - that is as real as any move has made it. One doesn't grit your teeth or flash that silly Tojo-smile when firing a machine gun in a plane (Hollywood again); but in an attack from a high altitude using those aircraft and weapons, this movie got it down pat. I doubt that most of the reviewers here are as fit as I was back then to withstand the G-forces with a suit or even be able to breathe in such a dive. What guts, but what stamina. Finally got the war-at-s

Tuesday, November 26, 04:24:53 PM

Liked, historical accuracy. Disliked, many sidelights unimportant for the movie.

Monday, November 25, 07:37:23 PM

I enjoyed this movie from start to end. Who are these noses-in-the-air snobs ( who rated this movie less than 4 stars ) who cannot appreciate history, great special effects, and a tribute to the bravery of our military? Go see it, and be thankful.

Sunday, November 24, 12:32:58 PM

Was very Awesome!!!! Never a dull moment, very interesting and historical from what had gone on.

Saturday, November 23, 02:58:26 PM

Powerful, brilliant war movie with thrilling action sequences that put the audience right in the battle scenario. Outstanding script, acting, directing, cinematography, and editing; have seen it twice; going again next week. Truly a masterpiece on the level of Black Hawk Down. Plus it is an excellent date movie and truly patriotic, pro-military, heroic cinema experience. Highly recommend this movie to those who enjoy tightly constructed, action packed war movies that never let up on the action, once it kicks into full throttle. Superb crescendo and denouement. I am buying the movie poster when it comes out.

Friday, November 22, 10:09:09 PM

"It's on the water." "What's on the water?" "Smoke." And what's a "cold war vet" anyway?

Friday, November 22, 04:59:57 PM

As a cold war vet, I appreciated the emphasis on the fact that the Americans under-estimated the intentions of the Japanese government that they were totally surprised by the attack at Pearl Harbor. The cynics among the audiences will always find some fault in anything. However, the details in the re-creation of the attack on P.H are very impressive. No-one or movie is perfect, but I liked the film enough to go and see it a second time.

Friday, November 22, 12:57:34 PM

Better than expected. Original Midway movie from the 60's was more clear and informative. CG not bad but overdone in some places which is the norm these days to please the video game folks. But it was worth seeing on a rainy day.