Sunday, September 11, 11:32:43 PM

It had a convoluted and senseless plot. I mercifully fell asleep in the middle. There wasn't enough Gru, and what there was, didn't track at all. It was totally forgettable (the worst sin)...but kids were happy & I know they put alot of effort into making the movie, so I don't regret giving them my cash.

Friday, September 9, 05:40:29 PM

Very boring movie, this one where the very best of it is shown on commercial on tv. :(

Wednesday, August 31, 10:51:27 AM

loved it so funny went with kids they loved it

Tuesday, August 30, 01:00:07 PM

Loves this movie from beginning to end. Great story line and absolutely hilarious.

Saturday, August 20, 12:21:05 AM


Thursday, August 18, 02:09:03 PM

It was pro

Thursday, August 18, 10:02:20 AM

Not suited for Children or Teenagers. Very Violent. Lots of suggestions of Killing and Murder with Large Butcher Knives and other weapons..Lots of Violent Messages and implications thats okay to be Violent

Tuesday, August 16, 07:09:06 PM


Thursday, August 4, 06:09:48 PM

Me and my brother finally got to see this outstanding film and my god it was great. the animation, the voice acting, the humour, everything was near perfection.

Wednesday, August 3, 11:56:46 AM

I went with 17 of my colleagues today, there's something outstandingly surreal about watching the minions speak "minionese". Phenomenal and revolutionary film, definitely a game-changer for Illumination

Sunday, July 31, 10:35:25 PM

This is not a movie for kids! Had A lot of inappropriate things in it. Very satanic.

Thursday, July 28, 11:49:45 AM

Personally I loved this and I’m so happy that today I’m going to watch it again

Sunday, July 24, 10:49:42 AM

I was expecting this to be bad, but it 'Gru' on me. Ha! Yeah? Well, I don't care if you don't like puns! You can kiss my donkey!

Saturday, July 16, 03:20:05 PM

Kids movie- all you can think of In this day and time is starting a movie off with throwing a lit canister into a crowded movie theater , main character wants to be the best villain ever, and bad morals is a good thing with all these innocent minions supporting it-REALLY! And you wonder why we have school shootings....!

Thursday, July 14, 04:43:55 PM

I loved EVERYTHING about it it is such a great movie

Wednesday, July 13, 11:48:01 PM

It’s a nice and great and funny movie

Tuesday, July 12, 06:24:35 PM

I loved how they tied in the characters from other movies. Great fun! Fun songs from the 70s!

Sunday, July 10, 06:19:37 PM

You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometime you get Minions.

Friday, July 8, 12:58:05 PM


Tuesday, July 5, 09:24:28 AM

I'm a big kid (37yo) and loved it!! The plane scene with Kevin as the pilot was just priceless, enhanced by the waltz music it was set to. After the two years we've had... just needed some fun! There are also several touching moments of kindness sprinkled throughout the movie. Loved Michelle Yeoh's (Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon) Kung Fu character here. And one of my favourite things is that "Minionese" combines English, French, Spanish, Japanese... a bit of everything 😀 Go see it, laugh and enjoy!

Monday, July 4, 11:54:59 AM

There were some funny parts. My 4yrs old likes the "Onions" lol. The whole movie is slap stick. I tired of all the constant hitting. If it wasn't one person hitting another, they were getting hit by objects or hitting themselves on objects. At least the action was fast and kept my 6 and 4yr old glued to the screen.

Saturday, July 2, 01:19:16 PM

Such a good movie, It’s great and funny for you to watch I definitely recommend for you to watch it! It is worth the money and is very funny for you and your friends or family.

Saturday, July 2, 01:17:51 PM


Thursday, June 30, 03:47:19 PM

This movie was so inspiring and amazing. There was a part where Gru was singing when he got out of the shower and it just inspired me to sing and now I have a number one hit on SoundCloud. Shoutout to ILLUMINATION for making this absolute banger of a movie. Hope to see more from you guys and hope you guys keep making new movies!!!!!! (P.s. the minions are sexy and this movie made me cry because it touched my heart).

Thursday, June 30, 01:14:03 AM

This was an inspiring and uplifting movie that touched my heart .

Thursday, June 30, 01:09:15 AM


Thursday, June 30, 01:06:36 AM

All the minions are hot especially bob he is such a cutie

Friday, June 24, 02:50:56 PM

Verie Gud

Monday, March 9, 07:27:55 PM

not bad