Sunday, November 1, 07:11:40 PM

This was a terrific movie! The acting was great, Gina Rodriguez especially put on a great performance.Also there was continuous action throughout.

Monday, February 25, 02:17:59 PM

The end was very dumb!! WHAT A Waste of talent!!!

Sunday, February 17, 02:33:33 PM

Worst movie I’ve seen in a ling time! Save your money!

Wednesday, February 13, 01:32:23 PM

I was pleasantly surprised! It had a good ending which is always nice - There are too many movies that make me feel down at the end.

Saturday, February 9, 11:53:55 PM

Not bad. I wouldn’t say high action just a meh kind of movie. Not great but not bad. Would say watch once if you want or if you skip it you are not missing anything. I would say it met my expectations but did not blow me away

Wednesday, February 6, 03:16:31 PM

Sad movie it was dumb and stupid don’t waste your time and money

Monday, February 4, 06:03:44 AM

Good Movie. Keeps you entertained all the way through. You can learn some Spanish if you listen .

Saturday, January 19, 02:37:15 PM

Loved the thrill, the action and the emotions you go through while watching. A must see.