Sunday, January 15, 06:05:12 PM

Refreshing from movies you cant watch with your kids.

Tuesday, December 13, 09:21:19 AM

Loved this movie!!

Thursday, November 17, 05:58:44 PM

FIVE stars -Pure magic..I didn't know there was a book, so my view is strictly on the magic of the movie...great animation/CGI, diverse characters, and it just captured my attention.

Friday, November 11, 12:38:27 PM


Tuesday, November 8, 01:21:37 PM

Too bad they didn't stick closer to the book. Got way to ridiculous.

Friday, November 4, 08:16:02 PM

It was an enjoyable movie reminiscent of classic storytelling and fantasy. It possessed an engaging subject that proves entertaining to both children and adults alike. It's purely magical and is well worth seeing.

Saturday, October 22, 02:09:31 PM

I loved this movie.

Wednesday, October 19, 12:26:24 PM

Great movie..great story..great fantasy with lots of wonderful lessons and tender moments. Whether you have kids, grandkids..or not. Go see it. Great fun!. Maybe a little scarry at times but my 7 yr old had not problems and loved did the 13 yr old. the kind of movie youngers should be watching these days and not all that other heavy violent and rude stuff out there.

Saturday, October 15, 02:36:10 PM

I loved it when the girl flew

Saturday, October 15, 12:36:56 PM

This movie followed the book to a point, then developed an entirely new ending. My 10 year old daughter loves the books ,but the movie freaked her out and my husband took her out of the theater halfway through. The books have a much better ending. Acting was good.

Friday, October 14, 04:27:40 PM

I thought it was great fun. Sets and special effects were awesome. Just the right touch of Tim.

Thursday, October 13, 01:41:38 PM

Good movie. A little draggy in the middle. As for being scary for children...I don't think so...however younger children might be bored. It is always nice to watch a movie with no vulgar language.

Thursday, October 13, 12:23:13 PM

I cant believe people are saying this movie is scary for kids!! That's hilarious to weird...but in the Wonderful Tim Burton way!!! Awesome movie my kids loved it and so did I ....but for parents whining about it being too scary for young children, it is rated PG-13...hello???

Thursday, October 13, 12:16:21 PM

Loved this movie!!!! Tim Burton-ish movies are always fantastic and this one is one of my new favorites

Sunday, October 9, 02:45:32 PM

We enjoyed about 15 min of the movie. The rest was boring. Don't waste your money. Pick a different movie instead.

Friday, October 7, 09:59:36 PM

Very scary , not for kids at all . 8&10 year old were freaked out . Had to leave hoping they didn't have nightmares. Disappointing. PG is not the appropriate rating. Should have looked into further.

Friday, October 7, 03:19:13 PM

Love it.

Friday, October 7, 11:10:02 AM

Burton's best since Dark Shadows.

Thursday, October 6, 08:38:53 PM

Not suitable for young children, 6 yr. old needed to leave theatre but the 10 & 11 yr. old grandkids liked it. For myself, not great & I normally love Tim Burton movies.

Thursday, October 6, 12:33:50 PM


Thursday, October 6, 11:54:03 AM

Samuel L. Jackson is terrific but he can't save this clunker.

Tuesday, October 4, 07:49:20 PM

Boring and pointless

Tuesday, October 4, 01:21:47 AM

This movie is extremely weird, however weird is good and this is definitely worth watching. The special effects are good for the most part aside from a few obvious CG scenes.

Sunday, October 2, 10:20:20 PM

are you kidding x men avengers is better then this movie don't waste money and time dumd movie ever boring

Sunday, October 2, 05:11:14 PM

The children aren't half as peculiar as she is. 1/5

Sunday, October 2, 02:25:15 PM

I think the movie was extremely well done however I completely disagree with the rating. This is not a children's movie. Very gruesome at times and not a movie I would have ever taken my children of 8 and 10 to if I had known. I encourage caution to parents.

Sunday, October 2, 07:06:38 AM

This was slow starting but once the action starts it's good, love the characters & the plot.

Saturday, October 1, 09:49:56 PM

Very good movie excellent

Saturday, October 1, 08:30:55 PM

Good movie although it dragged at times. Chris O'Dowd did a great job using an American accent -- but I missed his Irish accent!

Saturday, October 1, 03:35:16 PM

Two Thumbs Up

Friday, September 30, 06:51:54 PM

I loved how the show followed the book (which I made sure to read before seeing this movie). As much as they basically started out the same, the ending of the movie was a slight twist, which was great. Thought this was very well done.

Friday, September 30, 10:59:33 AM

It was very pleasant good performances, excellent creatures and very unusual abilities