Thursday, November 23, 05:30:02 PM

It started off good, but as soon as it went to the silly road race scenes through the streets, the same 0 same o scene in ever Holly wood action movie, I put it on pause, went to do something else, forgot about it, and then still haven't seen the rest of the movie., Also, being "part one" means that this is another movie that will end in nothing, and I'm too old to wait 7 years for maybe the finish like they did with Alita Battleangel.

Sunday, November 19, 12:23:45 PM

Tom Cruise delivers a great performance. As usual, there is a lot of action and it does keep you watching! Loved all the characters in this film! The acting was great, especially from a few of the newcomers. Can't wait for Part two!

Sunday, November 12, 05:37:31 PM

Same story same poor acting no okp

Sunday, November 12, 05:36:38 PM

They pay some one this arrogant & washed up - sad

Sunday, September 10, 08:03:04 PM

Stunts. A lot of stunts. Minimal story. If you like stunts, this is the movie for you. PS I never liked the mask stuff in these Mission Impossible things.

Sunday, August 27, 04:24:28 PM

Tom delivers every time for action fast paced movies. Had past characters, humor( this I liked tiny car ) stick. He delivers every time, you think not, don’t know what you’re talking about. Can’t wait for part 2, hope it’s not the end of his movies,bring it on,going to see it again.Like that the language is plain not foul like most movies.

Wednesday, August 16, 10:48:16 PM

1,000 make the movie and the stake holders come here to fake praise it. It's not 5-stars. It's the least imaginative and script and plot are mediocre at best. But, yeah, I'll see part 2 with hopes of redemption. Love the series. This one misses widely.

Tuesday, August 15, 12:54:47 PM

Another Tom Cruise movie with the same storyline, where he plays the same boring character. Guy has no range at all. Just so tired of him and bored to tears with anything he's in.

Monday, August 14, 05:58:47 PM

TIRED. Of THIS. Of the general Hollywood DREK being produced. Really want a good action-romance with lots of Lovin', FUN and Humor. Just some IMAGINATION. Or Originality. And tired of 'Established' actors that DON'T SEEK OUT the True Magic, content w/a fat payday. Nothing New here. Ho-hum.

Friday, August 11, 09:47:14 PM

Even though such movies exaggerate everything but, it’s satisfying and entertaining 💯! It’s funny and very well made with great cast and amazing acts!! Totally recommended 🤓

Monday, August 7, 01:04:35 AM

Tom Cruise is amazing. . but, this movie was written for 12 year-olds - proven by the constant, and I mean constant dumb-splaining dialog that keeps telling the audience what two plus two is. 4. we get it. I've never, in my movie going life, seen more exposition of why people are so damn life-endangering excited to go after a stupid key. . as if, really? it fits in a sunken submarine and the "on sale in Disney gift stores" key is really threatening the world. Ridiculous premise with capital R - but, again, Tom Cruise is great. I expect they didn't change the release date to blame the poor box office on Oppenheimer and Barbie because they knew the script blows. "Where's the train?". . c'mon. .and the crash through the windows?. . I'm with Annie Wilkes, ""He Didn't Get Out Of The Cockadoodie Car!"

Sunday, August 6, 06:30:58 PM

TERRIBLE! A series of unbelievable action sequences. Action sequences were good, however, a yawner for sure. Didn't stay till the end!!!!!

Sunday, August 6, 06:26:15 PM

Not worth the money at all. Terrible story line and directing. I left as Cruise blew through the window on the train.Rated two stars in my review.

Saturday, August 5, 09:24:06 PM

I love action and adventure. This movie had me on the edge of my seat the whole time! That jump from the top of that mountain, was pure adrenaline! I can't wait to see part 2!!!

Friday, August 4, 01:23:40 PM

A great, edge of your seat action thriller. Unbelievable stunts, great story and humor in much needed places. Tom Cruise is so good at making you feel! LOVED IT! Will see again and again in theater! (Must see on the big screen!)

Friday, August 4, 11:56:53 AM

Moves very quickly........the movie is supposed to be 2 hours and 43 minutes long -- I felt like it was only an hour long. Hard to wait until Part II comes out.

Tuesday, August 1, 07:55:11 PM

Superb stunts. Exciting . Tom Cruise’s Mission impossible movies always exciting to watch. I have watched them all. And I hope those stunts double get paid a lot for risking their lives in making Tom Cruise movies and any movies that are risky . Our high paid actors or actresses should be thankful and share a small portion of their success percentage to stunt man & women who risk their lives and made those movies interesting to watch. Without these stuntmen & women , our high paid actors & actresses will be nothing since they can’t do those risky stunts at all.

Tuesday, August 1, 04:21:15 PM

I saw the movie twice. It is the most action packed moive I have ever seen. And an interesting story. I hpe Tom Cruise gets an Oscar for Best Actor.

Tuesday, August 1, 02:58:20 PM

Tom should get an Emmy award for riding the motorcycle for about an hour trying to catch the train.💣 Was the actor in the show really tom cruise???😆

Monday, July 31, 09:29:15 PM

Not fun.......not possible!!!!!!!!!!YWy

Sunday, July 30, 09:12:55 PM

I enjoyed it ! Brought back the movie making and entertaining without woke crap in it ! Great movie making !

Sunday, July 30, 09:10:24 PM

Loved it ! Best one yet!

Friday, July 28, 09:43:58 PM

I loved Tom Cruise and his action scenes are so real And he’s committed to his craft. The storyline was good and the movie was fast paced and action packed . Little bit of romance between two characters in film . It was a nice way to relax in the theater when it’s so hot outside . Loved this movie 🍿!

Friday, July 28, 09:27:54 PM

A person went beyond his means to entertain his audiences. Although he risked his life doing the stunts, he was behind the scenes most part of the movie and allowed his other co stars to stand out more. Everyone did their very best and created a wonderful movie experience!

Wednesday, July 26, 05:12:39 PM

This is a great movie. Non stop action and intensity. The characters are well written as always. The stunts are amazing. This movie is so fast, an hour and a half in, it felt like only 30mins had gone by. Can't wait 'til part 2. This is totally worth your time.

Wednesday, July 26, 10:53:58 AM

how many time have we seen car chases and fighting on a train? nothing original.

Tuesday, July 25, 07:09:16 PM

Show was toooooo long and too much 'shoot em up' -Scenery was excellent and acting was ok, but what does one expect in an 'action' pix !

Tuesday, July 25, 05:35:45 PM

MI-7 didn’t disappoint! The Aj factor was creepy crazy and very realistic to what “could” happen!

Monday, July 24, 11:19:20 AM

Is it just me? I was confused from start to end of movie. Way too long and didnt even know the good guys from the bad guys. I don't think I will even bother going to see part 2. I don't know what everyone is raving about. I was glad when it ended

Monday, July 24, 07:31:51 AM

Action-packed fun. My absolutely favourite MI movies are still 4 and 6, but this is a must see too. Especially in current times when agenda-free films are rare.

Sunday, July 23, 02:42:47 PM

I enjoyed the fact that cruise did his own stunts. It added to the movie. Great acting all around.

Sunday, July 23, 11:57:11 AM

Trash , wheres sound of freedom

Sunday, July 23, 11:02:18 AM

Not as good as other movies. Not worth my money. I could have seen a better movie at home.

Sunday, July 23, 08:36:54 AM

Great movie which I really enjoyed. Brain dead or not.

Sunday, July 23, 12:37:41 AM

Anyone giving this movie 5 stars is effecttively brain dead. The plot is just about as ridiculous as anything ever conceived in Hollywood. So this all-knowing, omnipresent AI entinty is 'scared' of Ethan Hunt? Riiiiiiiiight! Stunts are 5 stars and Tom Cruise is great as always, but I'll never understand how he accepted to work with this ridiculously bad script. Maybe human writers were fired and it was writen by Chat GPT?

Saturday, July 22, 07:18:48 PM

Movie sucked, too unrealistic

Saturday, July 22, 06:39:16 PM

Someone said Tom Cruse needs to move on oh they need to move on and let Tom do his thing. Amazing he did his own parajumping. It’s cool the way character changed places an as always based on the original series!

Saturday, July 22, 02:31:11 PM

It's time to let this series be done. Nothing really that interesting. Chase scene way too long. Move on Tom Cruise.

Friday, July 21, 11:56:23 PM

Another action packed gem by Cruise and Co.

Friday, July 21, 05:23:09 PM

Loved it all!!