Friday, July 21, 12:29:34 PM

Good movie!, looking forward to part 2.

Thursday, July 20, 10:22:44 PM

Incredible movie. Tom Cruise always delivers.

Thursday, July 20, 09:18:56 AM

Not a very good plot! Car chase lasted too long, disjointed story line and hard to figure out the good guys from the bad guys. All in it was a pretty boring movie.

Thursday, July 20, 09:11:15 AM

Loved the characters. Full of creative, funny, and thrilling action.

Wednesday, July 19, 11:12:06 PM

Some warm and funny moments, but mostly it was nonstop unbelievable thrills. I really enjoyed it and can't wait to see it again.

Tuesday, July 18, 10:08:24 PM

Action and more Action. Loved it. Well done. Gimme #2

Tuesday, July 18, 10:04:53 PM

Loved it. Can’t wait for #2

Tuesday, July 18, 10:02:20 PM

Much action and the train scene was excellent. Four stars only? You guys are crazy. I can’t wait for part two

Tuesday, July 18, 03:36:50 PM


Tuesday, July 18, 11:45:23 AM

Ethan Hunt and team always delivers! Thoroughly enjoyed this movie. One we will buy as well like all of Tom Cuise's Mission Impossible movies. Great action and lines. Good looking actors too! Eye candy 🍬

Monday, July 17, 09:03:54 PM

The Mission Impossible formula was faithfully followed which made it a bit boring. Tom Cruise is a pleasure to look at though. There were too many coinky dinks where help appears in just the right places. That's hard to believe even for fiction. The biggest disappointment after hours of running and wild driving and one coinky dink after another is that there is no end. It's continued with Part 2. Good grief... I could SCREAM! 🤬

Monday, July 17, 11:39:57 AM

Exciting from start to finish!! It’s so thrilling I was off of my seat throughout the movie. I was tense and couldn’t control myself!!! Sooo much action I was shaking surprised by what was going on. The cast was great, and the dialog was right in line with the great acting as well as setting up what was going to happen with surprise and frightening so much that I thought Tom C. was really going to die from the crazy stunts , he’s the best actor as for how great he is at doing his own stunts he’s magic on two feet!!!!!

Monday, July 17, 10:50:45 AM

Great stuff...bring on part 2!

Monday, July 17, 10:49:01 AM

Movie is long, but I actually enjoyed when it didn't end at one point as I wanted it to continue. It's full of great action, all the same great characters & great actors...the addition of Hayley Atwell & her beauty was the icing on the cake. What it's not full of is 'woke' garbage & for that, Tom et al deserve honorary platinum medals for humanity.

Sunday, July 16, 08:09:38 PM

Great fun. Looking forward to part 2.

Sunday, July 16, 03:47:13 PM

Has anyone else noticed that the storylines within Mission Impossible and Transformers: Rise of the Beasts movies are essentially identical? Within both movies, the characters seek to retrieve the other half of a portal key to prevent the destruction of the world. I felt like I watched the same movie twice but with different characters.

Sunday, July 16, 02:33:44 PM

It was a serious action film, much better than the current offerings, however the trend to make movies over three hours is a bit much for me. I liked Top Gun Maverick better but if you like John Wick films this movie was awesome. It offers a serious concept that should be discussed concerning AI. There is one more thing, this is part one, there is a part two film that will follow this movie.

Sunday, July 16, 02:09:07 PM

The writing is so bad it blew the opportunity to add an exciting chapter to a great franchise. I can't believe the writers totally f'ed it up. Crying shame.

Sunday, July 16, 10:55:52 AM

At about half way into the moving, it was hard to stay awake, a waste of my money!

Sunday, July 16, 09:41:02 AM

This movie is a great work. Tom Cruise is one of the greatest living movie stars. Success is sucess. Doubt the anti-cruise naysayers reviews. They just dont get it. The amount of people and families, off-shoot business, and related industry success is propelled by Mr Cruise doing things like this. It is his hobby and preofession and he loves his work and it supports thousands of people. That is why this is a master piece. That is why Tom is a master. A great work. Keep working Tom keep 'm coming -thousands love you, respect and need you. a super successful fun action flic is just what thedoctor ordered.

Saturday, July 15, 10:17:55 PM

It was rather boring and kind of preachy

Saturday, July 15, 01:20:39 PM

Drug on to much, I wouldn’t watch again

Friday, July 14, 08:00:57 PM

Pretty formulaic standard action movie. It has some great sets and locations and moments. Tom cruise is pretty much the only actor that's compelling to watch with a bunch of filler characters. A lot of older people in the theater found the comedy parts funny but I didn't find the comedy in it worked at all. Great stunts and generic plot with some moments that were serious and weren't supposed to be funny that made me laugh. It's honestly a real mixed bag of good and bad and it's way too long for this type of movie.

Friday, July 14, 02:06:03 PM

It had some much thrilling scenes and it was literally so awesome

Friday, July 14, 12:42:36 PM

My husband and I walked out after an hour of complete boredom. We haven't walked out of a movie early in about 20 years. But this one was not entertaining to us at all.

Friday, July 14, 01:15:39 AM

Definitely entertaining and edge-of-your-seat thrilling action. I wanted more, but it wore me out, so I'm looking forward to part 2. Slight of hand thievery was out of control.

Thursday, July 13, 11:51:19 AM

Give us better movies.

Wednesday, July 12, 09:53:04 PM

Action packed movie from beginning to end with spots of humor. Loved it!! Can't wait for Part 2!!

Wednesday, July 12, 06:07:08 PM

It was alright, I expected more as the last few MIs have been excellent. The concept was good (entity - hard to determine in this day and age true reality), but it was less funny (jokes not so great), relying a bit too much on things audience liked in the past (I love watching Ethan Hunt run - but it felt a bit overdone in this movie), and only 1/2 of a movie, which is always kinda annoying. Anyways, will always love Tom Cruise (one of the greatest entertainers of our lifetime).

Wednesday, July 12, 12:28:25 PM

Stupid having that pip sqweek play an action hero. Too comedic for words.

Wednesday, July 12, 10:07:57 AM

So tired of these crappy movies.

Wednesday, July 12, 09:59:59 AM

Plenty of action and chills, made me hold onto my seat. A bit stressful, but acting excellent that it reach me that way. Covers a lot on Artificial Intelligence that will make you wonder.

Wednesday, July 12, 02:18:52 AM

Enjoyable thrilling action from the start to end. Watch it, you'll love it!! Can't wait for Part 2!!

Wednesday, July 12, 01:14:27 AM

Tom states he likes to make movies that's engaging - I did find my muscles tightening up a couple of times. The incredibly filmed chase seens, the excellently choreographed fight seens, the beautiful cinemaphotogrphy; of places I'll never visit, the soundtrack, a couple of new attractive women that are well versed in the art of self-defense & a couple of good laughs - you have a winner! I saw it in IMAX - next will be in Dolby. These larger screens & sound systems are all encompassing. But why, why, why Rebecca.rh

Tuesday, July 11, 11:19:45 PM

Well done, enjoyed every minutes! Can't wait for Part 2... Hannah Waddingham ( From Ted Lasso on Apple TV + ) will be joining them. This is going to be a fascinating ride....

Tuesday, July 11, 07:12:07 PM

Not stop action and a bit of humor thrown in. Lots of fun. Time Cruise may be crazy but he does make a good movie

Monday, July 10, 11:46:00 PM


Monday, July 10, 12:38:02 AM

Best movie nice try Steven

Friday, July 7, 11:45:15 AM

Amazing film, enjoyed everything about it.

Wednesday, June 21, 04:21:52 AM

Much to love here. 5/5