Saturday, January 20, 12:43:56 AM

Molly's lame.

Friday, January 19, 09:56:32 PM

I had no expectations about what this movie was about; don't even know how to play poker; didn't even know it was based on a true story. This was fantastic story! Well done and wow, to the real Molly Bloom. You got balls bigger than any guy I know. I'll be reading your book also!

Friday, January 19, 04:20:03 PM

seems like most viewers went to see Chastaine, not the movie.

Thursday, January 18, 07:04:55 PM

This movie is only for those with high iq

Thursday, January 18, 06:30:31 PM

Outstanding....much better than expected

Wednesday, January 17, 04:45:10 PM

Enjoyed the movie.

Tuesday, January 16, 01:57:56 AM

Really enjoyed this movie and thought Jessica Chastain was excellent.

Monday, January 15, 09:28:13 AM

Disjointed and a bit confusing. A t.v. movie and not a good T.V. movie.

Sunday, January 14, 07:24:37 PM

Chastain is unsurprisingly terrible. All she can project is anger.

Sunday, January 14, 01:21:24 AM

Jessica hotstain!

Saturday, January 13, 09:58:36 PM

Excellent movie! It keeps you interested the entire time. Great acting!

Saturday, January 13, 04:59:54 PM

At a time when virtually everyone is trying to clean up the country of opioids [also called Molly] this release is totally fuked up.

Friday, January 12, 07:12:57 PM

This was a great movie. Excellent portrayal of the real Molly Bloom by Jessica Chastain. Fast- paced and kept your interest throughout the entire movie!

Thursday, January 11, 03:32:50 PM

Oscars hello this is your winner

Thursday, January 11, 08:56:17 AM

Great movie. Exceeded expectations!

Thursday, January 11, 07:53:32 AM

Overall good movie. It never bored me and never captivated me . I never knew that Jessica chastain could look so hot and could act on this level . She was amazing on al levels .

Wednesday, January 10, 08:05:17 PM


Wednesday, January 10, 08:04:59 PM


Wednesday, January 10, 12:33:22 PM

a good film . nothing real special but its not something ur going to want to leave just a little slow in parts acting is pretty good plots really good and poker! poker is super cool!

Wednesday, January 10, 12:05:36 AM

I thought the movie was great! It keep my interest throughout! I truly enjoyed it and may go see it again!

Sunday, January 7, 07:28:26 PM

Jessica is hhhhhhhhhhhooooooot

Sunday, January 7, 04:48:07 PM

simply put a good film

Saturday, January 6, 04:36:39 PM

Ok movie; alittle long. I zzzz’d out a few times. Really nice acting acting in 2nd half and great ending. Also, I play Poker frequently and people do at times play over their heads and addiction is also an issue. All that isn’t particularly relevant except I can’t imagine someone running a card game and being owed 2.8 million dollars and then going out of her way to protect the players. Poker is generally pretty cut throat.

Saturday, January 6, 07:04:26 AM

Yet another movie where cold fish Chastain plays a icy, detached and uptight character. There is some impressive CGI effects that convince the audience that Chastain actually smiles at times. How bout that.

Friday, January 5, 11:16:15 PM

The guy at the window gave us the wrong movie,we going to see all the money in the world. Lucky this was a great movie.would highly recommend it.

Friday, January 5, 09:52:34 PM

Perfect ten, and the movie was great too lol

Friday, January 5, 01:46:27 PM

Wow. Jessica Chastain at her best. Totally absorbing and entertaining. I am going back tonight to see it again.

Wednesday, January 3, 08:59:08 PM

85 percent like it, enough said

Wednesday, January 3, 05:29:17 PM

After all the hype, I was disappointed. A half hour in, I was thinking Chastain's performance was wooden. Later on, I saw that this was kind of Miss Sloane II. Instead of a career-absorbed, coked-out lobbyist who has shut down emotionally, we get an illegal career-absorbed, coked-out (and boozed out) high stakes poker game operator who has shut down emotionally. Idris Elba is good. Kevin Costner, not so much. ----------------69/ bob

Wednesday, January 3, 03:13:52 PM

interesting theme..odd story..excellent movie with good cast

Tuesday, January 2, 09:56:29 PM

Terrific movie, acting and cript

Tuesday, January 2, 08:18:15 PM

Sooooo good

Tuesday, January 2, 04:55:13 PM

Excellent movie!

Monday, January 1, 10:45:10 PM


Monday, January 1, 02:34:59 PM

Seen it 3 times can you say g.o.a. T

Saturday, December 30, 03:37:26 PM


Saturday, December 30, 11:54:19 AM

Boring movie..

Saturday, December 30, 02:03:08 AM

Loved the movie. Well acted by all. Jessica Chastain's performance was excellent.

Thursday, December 28, 08:56:12 PM

Oscar hello

Thursday, December 28, 08:28:14 PM

Great film ! It held my interest right to the end .