Monday, August 7, 09:23:13 PM

I would suggest you need to be high or dunk to enjoy this crap, but judging by the reviews, people already know that!

Friday, April 14, 10:07:22 AM

Makes a great double bill with F8!

Tuesday, April 11, 09:42:20 PM


Monday, April 10, 04:02:09 PM

Excellent adventure film. I would recommend this for any age.

Monday, February 27, 02:46:51 PM

I felt the movie was real good with how some people feel money is more important then anything else which is true in todays world. There are other people who feel and know saving God's creation of wild life is more important then money themselves in many ways.

Saturday, January 28, 11:04:17 PM

The baby monster is cute. The relationship between the main actor and his dad is too odd. This kind of movie, the dad should support the son

Tuesday, January 24, 12:08:16 PM

Fun movie with a cute story. Very enjoyable to watch. Nice to have a family option besides outright cartoons.

Sunday, January 22, 03:49:37 AM

Great, enjoyable movie. Different take on "monster".

Monday, January 16, 09:21:59 AM

Really loved the movie but absolutely not worth paying for 3D!! I don't remember any parts that looked 3D....they seem to be doing that a lot lately....making you pay extra at the good time slots.

Sunday, January 15, 08:51:54 PM

I liked watch it 5 times in a row

Sunday, January 15, 02:59:16 PM

My son and his friend loved this movie and I thought it was very cute. Nothing bad to say about. It's a great boy movie!

Sunday, January 15, 07:01:18 AM

Excellent movie.