Thursday, July 15, 10:36:06 AM

I wasn't expecting to like this movie but it wasn't bad. It was a mortal combat movie but pre combat. I really enjoyed the symbolism where the Japanese characters over came and defeated the dishonest Chinese characters. WOW, I didn't think Hollywood was allowed to let the Chinese characters lose.

Friday, May 21, 12:59:23 AM

Loved that it wasn’t like the last one based off a tournament

Saturday, May 1, 11:08:35 AM

For a reboot, I enjoyed this setup to the Tournament that is coming.

Tuesday, April 27, 06:51:48 AM

Having played the first arcade game back in the 90s, it was nice to see a movie with the capable effects. A couple of sappy lines here and there and I would've cast Raiden and Shang Tsung differently but still pretty epic. The fatalities where crazy good. Kano was so funny as well. Oh, and rate the movie, not the theatre experience. smh.

Monday, April 26, 10:25:16 AM

So much better than the new KINO movie. I've seen it three times already!

Monday, April 26, 09:26:48 AM

The fight scenes, and there were a lot, was just to unrealistic. Too fake. Ruined the movie for me.

Monday, April 26, 01:05:12 AM

My Son and 2 of his friends paid $8.00 extra for the "D" box experience, but nothing was different. What was the extra money for????The seats didn't even recline, move or even comfortable.. What a rip off.. My Son and his 2 friends should get their $8.00 back or free movie tickets. So don't waste your money at this Theatre for D Box non experience.

Saturday, April 24, 12:11:02 PM

Loved the stunts ! Great action movie.

Saturday, April 10, 10:06:46 AM

Better than ever!