Wednesday, October 4, 06:29:11 AM

This is the perfect movie for people who like to pretend that they are clever; they rate it a 5 and then claim no one else is intelligent enough to understand the deep meaning of the movie. Honestly, no one should have to 'dig' that's crap!

Wednesday, October 4, 03:37:59 AM

I will rate this a little low; due to movie was 2 hrs long, and many slow parts to it. No real strong plot actually to follow, nor was it a real thriller. More of a psychological mystery regarding what's it like to live with insane narcissist.. Yes, I did get the Cain and Able part. But in my option overall "I just the theater feeling what a long sick movie; that I could not relate with at all"

Tuesday, October 3, 06:57:33 PM

This movie is for those with an iq over 60

Monday, October 2, 11:07:35 AM

The world, en-masse, has been dumbed down to the level of poop-for-brains. Not only do I have an ever-increasingly difficult time dealing with people in my regular job from day to day, but as we now see, you have to spell the simplest things out for people. The movie is for intellects only and as you can see by the comments...the masses, are not the intellects.

Sunday, October 1, 06:56:07 AM

Why would a supposedly big star attach herself to this crap? Horrid, little movie that leaves you uneasy because nothing makes any freaking sense whatsoever. At least with Alice in Wonderland, you know her world is fantasy, this one? Yeesh. I did get home earlier than I thought and got a good sleep though.

Sunday, October 1, 04:48:04 AM

I hope there isn't a sequel. Jennifer Lawrence just gets more and more annoying and she's in EVERY movie these days...

Saturday, September 30, 10:56:45 PM

Dumb people stick to the emoji movie or white chicks, this is too mind stimulating for you

Saturday, September 30, 05:17:38 PM

This was a piece of art - the whole story and the way it was told. If you didn't like it, you didn't get it. Mother earth, God, Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel and how we are ravaging the earth.

Saturday, September 30, 05:05:36 PM

I love Aronofsky movies - when you figure out the meaning of the whole movie, it amazed me how he presented this film. Loved it!

Saturday, September 30, 02:26:50 PM

A waste of my time.

Saturday, September 30, 11:50:58 AM

worse worse movie ever. I even left the theater...too crazy for me...don't waste your time nor money...I can't even rate that movie

Friday, September 29, 11:07:19 PM

It could have been a thrilling psychological mystery. Instead it was a vapid plot that relied on mindless use blood and horror as a manipulation to hold the audience's attention.

Friday, September 29, 07:02:47 PM

Worst movie I have endured in years. No story, no decent acting, don't waste your time!

Friday, September 29, 05:51:28 PM

Might as well have watched paint dry... might have enjoyed it more !!!

Friday, September 29, 04:15:23 PM

Worst movie I have ever seen. Do NOT go see this TRASH. I cannot believe I paid to see this. Left before it was over.

Friday, September 29, 04:12:47 PM

This is the worst movie I have seen in over a decade and I see at least one each week. I wanted to walk out after 45 mins but waited until an hour and a half to leave. Others in the theatre walked out. Pathetic at best-save your money!! Is it any wonder theatre attendance has dropped when this is the quality of current cinema??? Shameful!!

Friday, September 29, 01:19:55 PM

I disliked the pace of the movie...the darkness of the movie...the weak storyline...the fact that three superior actors(namely Lawrence, Bardem, & Harris have lowered themselves to make this piece of trash. It's not a good storyline, I don't care what anyone says about it. This movie is honest-to-God garbage.

Friday, September 29, 08:49:38 AM

Terrible movie, none of it made any real meaning, other people in the theatre where laughing and wondered if they could get back their money

Thursday, September 28, 11:31:54 PM

Mind blown

Wednesday, September 27, 08:20:59 PM

waste of time, very slow moving

Tuesday, September 26, 03:53:39 PM

Yeah, that must have been my problem!? My mind hasn't transcended enough to find baby eating and crispy corpses wonderfully artistic. You have got to be joking, this movie was a pile of horse sh*t, if I wanted a horror movie I would've seen one, and it certainly would've been better than this Appalling garbage. Don't waste your money, go see "IT" instead, at least Stephen King has some talent for horror and you don't have to guess what his movie is about.

Tuesday, September 26, 11:16:50 AM

This movie did not make any sense to me. It was confusing and I kept saying "what the ??" Lots of unanswered questions when I walked out. I do not suggest seeing it at all. Worst movie I ever saw

Monday, September 25, 01:36:49 PM

Just plain stupid.

Monday, September 25, 05:55:47 AM

The worst movie I have ever seen. What a waste of my time.

Sunday, September 24, 11:21:33 PM

Simply breathtaking . If you lack the ability to think above Adam Sandler jokes then yes don't go. For the rest of is who have transcending minds this is our rosebud

Sunday, September 24, 08:42:42 PM

NEVER IN MY LIFE HAVE I EVER BEEN TO SUCH A HORRIBLE MOVIE PLEASE PLEASE I BEG YOU DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY OR TIME....YOU HAVE BEEN WARN...oh they make you put up one star for this movie or you can't submit your comments ????????

Sunday, September 24, 05:08:39 PM

"0" horrible movie surprised Javier, Michelle, and Ed Harris would lower themselves to be a part of this crap. Should get our money back + time wasted. Still don't really no what it's about. I love a good thriller or Horror movies. this was trash. Jennifer find yourself a new boyfriend.

Sunday, September 24, 04:43:00 PM

The previews to this movie misrepresented what its about. Its not a typical Hollywood thriller. Its not mainstream material. I came away with a WTF wasted my time feeling. But AFTER I read what it was suppose to made sense. The cast is solid. The acting is solid. The movie is definitely weird. Aronofsky is the director. Think Requiem for a Dream, Black Swan weirdness then times that by four and you have Mother! I may see it again at the discount theatre just to "get it" as Ive been thinking about its meaning. Again...its NOT about some nutso mother weilding a knife or a psychological Hollywood thriller...its an artsy thriller for sure.

Sunday, September 24, 12:13:43 PM

Pretentious garbage. Worst film I've seen in years.

Sunday, September 24, 10:25:46 AM

I really didn't like this moving. It was overacted and the plot didn't make sense. It could have but it just wasn't well written.

Sunday, September 24, 04:33:41 AM

Stupid movie. Stupid Jennifer Lawrence. Stupid Aronofsky. My friend said that I ‘just don’t understand film noir.’ What a load of bourgeoisie bullshit.

Saturday, September 23, 11:13:55 PM

This was a terrible film, so over-the-top that any semblance of meaning was totally lost.

Saturday, September 23, 10:17:22 PM

I am 51 years old and this is the first time in my life that I walked out of a movie theater. On my way out, another woman did the same thing and we requested to get our money back, another first. DO NOT GO UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES - You will be extremely disappointed and even angry at yourself. Don't be fooled by the actors in this movie. I will never again go see a Darren Aronofsky.

Saturday, September 23, 09:53:40 PM

Well directed, well acted, bizarre and thought provoking. I liked it. Exploration of an insane narcissist.

Saturday, September 23, 05:59:01 PM

It is a movie- allegory, very complicated, touching and philosophical. The best movie of the year.

Saturday, September 23, 05:56:14 PM

LESSON LEARNED, READ COMMENTS FIRST!!!!!!!!!! I didn't understand the messages of the movie... :( well, maybe it doesn't have one. But yes you will KEEP WONDERING EVEN AFTER THE MOVIE IS DONE... HAHAHAHA

Saturday, September 23, 03:16:20 PM

Didn't make any sense. Ridiculous don't waste your money.

Saturday, September 23, 12:22:20 PM

What a load of Crap !!!

Saturday, September 23, 11:13:28 AM

Excellent acting. Thought provoking story line. Unfortunately, it requires the movie goers to actually think which directly corresponds to the low ratings. Spoiler alert....The actors represent God, Mother earth/nature, Adam & Eve, Cain and Abel, Jesus, mortal man and woman who worship god and/or tear his creation apart. God is creating life and keeps trying to get it right at the expense of the Mother. Ed Harris (Adam) is clearly seen missing a rib as he is sick and throwing up into the toilet. You'll either love it or hate it. Give it a chance and open your mind to something new.

Friday, September 22, 06:10:57 PM

Unadulterated crapola :)