Sunday, February 25, 05:36:53 AM

I usually don´t stop watching movies at the beginning even if they are nothing special. But this was so weird and boring at the same time I couldn´t finish it.

Thursday, July 12, 04:54:37 PM

you cant call something a musical when all they do is steal songs from other people! they hired 100 of the worlds best ballroom dancers only to not show them at all in the movie. i was completely let down by this movie, the only saving factor was the song roxanne. this movies version far surpased the police's original song.

Saturday, March 10, 03:15:41 AM

SpeCtacular sPectacular!..the movie aMazed me...

Saturday, February 24, 12:44:13 AM

a very good movie.Im a sucker for the song "Roxanne"

Thursday, January 4, 07:27:05 AM

it is fantastic!!!

Saturday, November 25, 03:37:30 PM

Amazing! I loved the music, singing, costumes...everything! It had a very unique and creative director. Simply amazing. Also, it teaches how love is the most important thing on Earth.

Tuesday, July 18, 07:48:36 PM

OBI-WAN-KENOBI SINGS!!! This Movie was MIND BLOWING! I`ll take his version of(`Your Song`-correct title?) over Elton Johns anydaY! And to that guy who said he got up after 5 minutes of the film; Than how do you know it sucked...? Wow...I still can`t get my head around Obi-Wan singing out, "The hills are alive with the sound of music....!"(Did anyone here correctly what the narcoleptic suggested before dropping back on the bed? "The hills are vibrant with sonic rythems..." or something equally outragious. I died lafin). My new most favorite musical next to the TRUE, ORIGINAL Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory & Chitty chitty Bang Bang(tha

Friday, April 28, 06:33:16 AM

c`est tres bien luv sophie and katie

Tuesday, January 24, 06:08:14 AM

this was one of the greatest movies of all time

Saturday, January 14, 06:25:13 PM

it was wierd

Wednesday, December 28, 12:15:02 PM

i love this the past week i have watched it five times. i have also memirized almost all the diolague. i love it i love it i love it. and omg ewan is hawt!!

Saturday, December 24, 07:43:36 PM

I Am So In LOVE with this Movie i know all the song and i just can`t stop watching it over and over again my favorite place in the movie was the elephant love scene and the elephant love melody is my favorite song.

Tuesday, December 13, 01:27:49 PM

i jusl loooOOOooove that movie! evertime i see it, it just makes me cry!

Wednesday, December 7, 06:11:15 PM

This is probably my favorite movie of all time. I don`t know exactly what it is - the music, the scenes, the love story - maybe it`s just an overall combination. One thing I know for sure is, is that I love this movie and I`ve watched it enough to have it basically memorized (My sister and I sing the Meadley all the time). I`d recommend it to anyone - but you might have to watch it twice..the first time is just..bam!

Wednesday, November 23, 04:29:38 AM

So artistic! So creative! I`ve never seen a movie as good as this in my life and it changed my whole perspective on life, love and thew world in general. By doing a production of this on the stage I also managed to fall in love with another cast member, without this movie my life would not be where it is today. Thank you Baz, thank you so much.

Thursday, October 27, 11:10:02 PM


Wednesday, August 17, 12:50:58 PM

Ignoring all the glitz and eye candy...the movie, from a writer`s standpoint is EXTREMELY well-written. The story is beautiful, if tragic, and just from a writing point of view, it stands on its own. The film is well-cast, particularly John Leguizamo. It is edited well and the soundtrack is marvelous. A great, great movie. Anyone who thinks it is awful just doesn`t "get it."

Monday, August 15, 08:12:52 AM

This movie is so friggin` awful that it makes me mad to even discuss how terrible it was. The people who say the music was great should spend more time listening to the original songs that Baz "the plagarist" Luhmann ripped off and turned into a "soundtrack". It`s a miracle that guy isn`t in jail for the worst cast of music piracy since Napster.

Friday, July 22, 11:57:29 PM

It`s one of my fave movies of all time! It made me realize how important love really was, and Ewan McGregor was awesome in it!

Friday, July 8, 05:53:13 AM

it ws gr8!

Saturday, June 18, 03:45:01 PM

Moulin Rouge made me want to love again and carry on my dancing x i dont know what i do with out it x it was the best movie i have eva seen no doubt about it x

Friday, June 10, 03:49:31 AM

Best movie Ever!!!!

Thursday, May 12, 11:13:26 PM

I absolutley loved the story line and music. Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor were amazing with their singing. It gave me goosebumps. Being a hopeless romantic, the plot was charming romantic and suspenseful. It made me cry.

Saturday, April 9, 05:44:58 AM

If you have 126 minutes to spare, and have the choice between watching this movie and stabbing yourself in the leg, choose the stabbing. Trust me. It will be less painful.

Monday, April 4, 10:20:39 AM

I was amazed at the vocal talents of Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman.

Sunday, April 3, 07:54:33 AM

I think this is the gratest film in all world, becouse there played Ewan McGregor. He have very good voice. I like songs in Moulin Rouge, becouse i very love music.

Friday, March 25, 03:21:26 PM

collest love story

Thursday, March 10, 01:04:37 PM

excellent it was my favorite movie

Tuesday, January 25, 07:49:10 PM


Saturday, January 22, 07:05:15 PM

I loved this movie!!!! Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman sound amazing together!!

Friday, December 3, 09:36:11 AM

I love it! She`s a great actrice. We always want to see more of her.

Sunday, November 28, 08:22:00 AM


Tuesday, November 9, 03:00:50 AM

Just watched the DVD for the tenth time and loved it just as much as the first time! Why didn`t Ewan get a Oscar nomination? Or Baz for that matter? Brilliant. This movie will and deserves to be famous long after other bigger box office smash movies are forgotten.

Tuesday, November 2, 10:30:31 PM

the sogs were amazing and the singing voices were so good

Friday, August 6, 07:02:06 PM

Baz Luhrmann did a great job with directing moulin rouge and putting all the different kinds of music together in the scenes. Ewan McGregor is really hot and Nicole Kidman`s career should have been picked up on many years ago. They`re both great singers and everytime i hear them I fall in love with them. I`ve seen this movie three times and i love it! The best part in the movie is when they are singing "Come What May"!

Friday, April 30, 12:57:08 PM

What a great movie - so much talent, with a story to be told. I can`t help but smile when I see Ewan and hear the great way he handles the songs in the movie.

Friday, April 9, 04:42:58 PM

i thought the movie was brilliantly made. the actors all did a marvolous job. the songs are amazing. i just love it, i own it and watch all the time.

Sunday, March 7, 08:35:46 PM

it was the best thing that i have ever seen the costumes were gr8

Saturday, December 13, 12:51:21 AM


Wednesday, November 12, 06:16:14 PM

It`s up there with the best of them!