Saturday, November 18, 11:52:19 AM

A big, resounding BOOOO! For Agatha Christie fans, watching Kenneth Branagh attempt to recreate Christie's little Belgian detective was painful. What an abomination. Hercule Poirot meets James Bond. The accent was bad, his physical appearance is the polar opposite, the dialogue, the mannerisms, I could go on. Hercule Poirot was NOT ATHLETIC. This movie is strictly for fans of the action genre, it has no resemblance to anything Agatha ever wrote and especially not her best-selling novel Murder on the Orient Express.

Saturday, November 18, 10:07:26 AM


Friday, November 17, 03:38:28 PM


Friday, November 17, 11:19:21 AM

As a spoof (surely) of the Christie book, this film ranks right up there with the wannabe 1985 comedy "Lust in the Dust." Does anyone (really) take this seriously --the five-star ratings and kudos notwithstanding?

Friday, November 17, 08:33:57 AM

This movie was well done. I have seen earlier versions and liked the way it ended.

Friday, November 17, 08:24:01 AM

The best rendition of this classic story ever!!!

Friday, November 17, 02:41:51 AM

The movie is slow and a tribute to Kenneth Branagh playing Kenneth Branagh. The 1974 version is much better

Friday, November 17, 12:33:45 AM

Even if my dog ripped up my entire house, I still wouldn't lock it in the same room as this movie. Horrible acting with bad accents, and the most unsatisfying ending ever. I'd rather go get my teeth cleaned than watch this again.

Thursday, November 16, 11:57:27 AM


Thursday, November 16, 11:25:10 AM

It may not be politically correct to bash a Branagh film, but this just deserves a full thumbs down. The main culprit is Branagh himself, who, throughout, makes little attempt to enunciate and mumbles through his lines. Whatever passes his barely moving lips is filtered by that preposterous mustache. One would expect more from a former Shakespearean actor. The avalanche sums it all up: a snow job. But I got to see Pfeiffer, which, whatever else, is always worth a few bucks. I'll get my coat.

Thursday, November 16, 09:46:39 AM

I really enjoyed this movie.

Thursday, November 16, 09:05:48 AM

Don't think so!! Agatha would not be pleased she is listed as one of the writers. Phoney scenery, minimal roles for the number of A-Listers, except for the director Branagh who is all over the scene in a very poor portrayal of of the worst ever. Branagh needs to read a few more Christie books to get everything right when dealing with the books based on the author.

Wednesday, November 15, 11:05:27 PM


Wednesday, November 15, 08:16:43 PM

I kept falling asleep throughout the whole movie. It should had been a 30-min TV show instead. Not worth seeing in the theaters. Slow and boring.

Wednesday, November 15, 05:57:59 PM

Good story but a bit confusing. Entertaining but not a must see.

Tuesday, November 14, 10:09:01 PM


Tuesday, November 14, 08:49:45 PM

totally overkill; such a great cast of characters; left before the ending; much ado about nothing; branaugh was not a convincing poirot. sorreeeeeee

Tuesday, November 14, 10:08:03 AM

NO WAY are the other reviews legitimate. I saw this movie yesterday and it failed at comedy, depth of character, and I can't believe Kenneth Branagh wrote this. A cast of famous actors but the script is weak. Don't waste your money. My Agatha Christie and mystery loving friend was more disappointed than me.

Monday, November 13, 11:44:20 PM

Great scenery, but an awful boring movie. So bad, that i fell asleep 3 times, and could not wait for the movie to be over !! Total waste of money, as far as i am concerned !!!

Monday, November 13, 07:16:33 PM

Well done, great acting, mystery, suspense and gorgeous scenery, this movie has it all!

Monday, November 13, 05:45:04 PM

The movie is near perfect with acting supporting style and CG just a background for the story. Just when you think that there is no way that anyone could find the killer , you discover that you were right all along until the final outcome is clear and not what you expected.

Monday, November 13, 06:34:27 AM


Sunday, November 12, 09:08:06 PM

Loved this movie........Daisy Ridley did a great job

Sunday, November 12, 08:56:23 PM

I love Judi Dench, She's a really good actress.

Sunday, November 12, 08:12:35 PM

I differently want to see that for sure is interested i want to see it

Sunday, November 12, 04:29:39 PM

saw the original, but still enjoyed the latest version, excellent!

Sunday, November 12, 04:28:28 PM

Love this movie and soundtrack. A wonderful remake Kenneth Branagh did a tremendous job.

Sunday, November 12, 03:56:49 PM

Dreadful remake filled with inaccuracies and inplausible newly invented action adventures. Overtly common visual allusions mediocre at best. Main question from our audience was “Who the hell was Katherine?” Must be Kenneth Branagh’s invention because if he ever had read Agatha Christie in his life he’d know that the only woman Poirot ever confessed to loving was the Countess Vera Rassnokoff. She was very much alive in the 30’s when this was supposed to take place. The rest of the cast and the Art Deco set, including the Lalique get the extra star. If you’ve never read the book or seen fabulous David Suchet in BBC’s most accurate and entertaining version, you’ll like this.

Sunday, November 12, 02:52:10 PM

Too predictable and boring

Sunday, November 12, 01:10:19 PM

Saw the original movie years ago. So I really looked forward to this updated version. Unfortunately I was somewhat disappointed. I thought the plot seemed awfully slow at times and the speech volume was often quite low, especially from our hero detective, Hercule Poirot, whose English had, of course, a distinct French accent. Not a bad movie by any stretch of the imagination; just had the feeling it just missed the mark. RAN

Sunday, November 12, 12:34:55 PM

Excellent movie ! Nice to see a movie rely on acting for a change. Try to guess who did it haha

Sunday, November 12, 12:48:58 AM

I really enjoyed this movie. Loved the mystery of who done it until you find out near the end. You think you can figure it out but then you change your mind to someone else.....I miss these kind of movies. 10000% must see!!!!

Saturday, November 11, 11:46:33 PM

The best movie in a long time.

Saturday, November 11, 10:20:46 PM

Very much enjoyed this rich makeover of the 70s classic. Graphics and period photography immerses the viewer. The plot is complex and leaves you guessing “who donit” till the very end. The actors involved do an excellent job from the routine roles they typically play. The ending worth waiting for. Highly recommend it and look forward to “The Nile”

Saturday, November 11, 08:48:35 PM

Enjoyed seeing Penelope Cruz back on the big screen. This movie had me at the edge of my seat the whole time!!!!! Penelope Cruz was Awesome!!!!!

Saturday, November 11, 12:57:58 PM

This is amazing, Duane The Rock Johnson isn't in this movie!

Saturday, November 11, 01:06:39 AM

Hmmm...a bit slow moving

Friday, November 10, 11:12:53 PM

Enjoyed the movie. Good to see acting instead of special effects.

Friday, November 10, 09:34:52 PM

Great Movie I Ioved it.

Friday, November 10, 09:22:17 PM

Very well done! Excellent!