Thursday, September 12, 08:24:32 AM

i am sooo obsessed with my hero academia movie i like bakugou,midoriya and todoroki

Monday, October 29, 01:43:37 PM

It was good. 10 out of 10 would watch again. or just watch it in general.

Saturday, October 6, 12:42:03 PM

Best Anime movie ever! You don’t even have to been following the show to watch the movie!

Wednesday, October 3, 02:36:51 PM


Monday, October 1, 09:57:00 PM

Characters are true to their established personality. Funny moments and life lessons are sprinkled throughout the movie. Great animated battles with the accompaniment of the killer soundtrack from the show. The villain and plot twist was the only drawback to this film for me. Some key characters were absent from the film but it is understandable.

Friday, September 28, 09:00:14 PM

Best movie I ever saw

Tuesday, September 11, 02:15:54 PM

Seen the world premier at Anime Expo. It was way better than I was expecting. For those that follow the TV series, the story takes place a little in the past during their summer training and blends in well with the TV. The reason for this is VERY important because it allows something really amazing to happen that was missing from the TV series and comics. A must see for any Boku no Hero Academia fans!!! I will definitely see it again on Sept 25th when it hits theaters.