Monday, October 30, 08:49:40 PM

Fantastic lighting effects and great animation.

Wednesday, October 18, 03:20:08 PM

I love the movie a lot.

Thursday, October 12, 06:24:17 PM

The best movie of the year.

Monday, October 9, 05:37:27 PM

Beautifully animated, funny movie, with great voice acting. Fans of the show will enjoy.

Monday, October 9, 09:51:36 AM

It good for Fans while non-fans may like it or don't like it.

Saturday, October 7, 01:41:29 PM

Not a great or original plot. The moral of the story is clear. No adult humor like most animated movies. Fun for the kids though.

Tuesday, October 3, 05:50:55 PM

Great audio and great animation as well as a great storyline.