Saturday, July 18, 08:39:48 PM

Funny movie for the family to see! Other than the foul language a couple times it is an excellent family movie!

Saturday, March 14, 02:38:06 PM

The movie slowed down in spots but it was genuinely funny at times. The chemistry between the dude and the teen girl was good. So was the developing relationship with the dude and the teen's mom. I disagree this movie is just for kids. Its lighthearted. Warm, funny in spots and not heavy! A good combination with all that is going on around the virus. 3.7 out of 5 for the above. Go in not expecting too much and you'll enjoy the movie.

Friday, March 13, 10:15:56 PM

This is such a worth 11 yr old and niece enjoyed it very much ! Laughs, drama,fear,tension,edge of your seat excitement ! I don't know ANY of the actors but they did such a great job it didn't matter !

Thursday, February 20, 10:38:47 PM

Hilarious juxtaposition of tough spy and cute, clever girl.