Monday, August 26, 01:58:44 PM

It's unique. There isn't really a movie quite like this with the lovable characters. Definitely for all those who had hard times in school. You really just end up cheering for everyone. You want them all to make it. (well, except for that one blond bully)

Sunday, December 24, 04:50:23 PM

This movie is a funny and all around family friendly.

Wednesday, November 29, 11:29:42 AM

best movie ever

Tuesday, October 3, 02:19:13 PM

i love Napleon Dynamite<3<3<3

Friday, September 29, 06:25:08 PM

One of the best comedies I have seen in years. When it originally came to the theatres, I refused to see it. From the trailer I watched, I was not too impressed. When it came on DVD, a friend of mine rented it while I was at his place. I couldn`t believe how funny the movie was, especially the quirky charactors. I went to high school with a guy who acted like Napoleon, perhaps that is why I enjoyed the movie so much. It really reminded me of high school and how much I didn`t enjoy it. I plan to buy the "Special Edition" DVD, "Napoleon Dynamite". As great as the movie was, I really hope they don`t make a sequel. This movie stands on i

Saturday, August 5, 08:52:43 PM

The work of a comedy genius. However, I am still at a loss to understand exactly what, if any, was the meaning of this film. Given that it was probably made on a shoestring, its comedy value is immeasurable. Jatz

Tuesday, July 11, 06:51:38 PM

This was a comedy?!

Friday, June 9, 07:03:04 PM

Not for general consumption; it seems to attract young people but I`m not sure what the draw is!

Monday, May 22, 01:12:12 PM

Movie rocked….. Excellent collage of incidents, and characters made this a movie a ‘Must-See’

Friday, April 14, 07:37:40 PM

that is the best movie ever it is hilarious

Monday, March 13, 03:18:28 PM

i think it is the greatest movie in the world and it was so funny

Wednesday, February 1, 05:59:27 PM

God this movie was so freakin stupid you freakin idiot

Wednesday, January 25, 10:40:31 PM

If your into dumb humour, watch this movie

Saturday, October 22, 05:10:43 PM

It was so funny! Jon Hedar is the greatest actor ever!!

Tuesday, September 27, 05:54:30 AM


Tuesday, September 20, 09:28:10 AM

Do I ever love Napoleon gosh he is like so cool...Heck ya he is. Vote Pedro. Will you bring me some chap stick my lips hurt alot?...You Idiot!! lol gosh that`s the best movie ever, Heck ya it is...

Monday, September 19, 05:20:23 PM

duDe dO u waNt yOur tOts!!dUde i look almost exactly as debb! i <3 that movie so much... it should go down it tV history!!

Friday, September 16, 08:03:23 AM

do i love Napoleon? heck yes he has so many great skills, and he does woteva he feels like doing GOSH lol i really beleive there is a napoleon out there 4 every girl hes everything a girl cud want

Monday, September 12, 11:33:23 AM

he is the best ever GOD!!!!!

Thursday, September 8, 10:41:46 AM

Very stylized. You have to tune in to the fact that certain actors (Napoleon, Pedro, Kip, Deb) were told to act completely stiff and unnatural. At times I wasn`t sure Napoleon was even awake, he often had his eyes closed and his mouth hanging open. But even so, there`s something about this movie that kept me watching and I`m glad I did -- it`s not your average Hollywood movie but worth seeing. Could have done without the animal cruelty though, that wasn`t funny at all.

Thursday, September 8, 10:39:47 AM

Don`t miss the ending (hint: it comes AFTER the credits). It`s sweet!

Sunday, September 4, 03:02:00 PM

I find it dry and slow but very funny!! Napoleon is the new kind of hero 4 sho.

Wednesday, August 31, 02:40:38 PM

Napoleon is the new crack of movie films

Tuesday, August 23, 11:37:15 AM

The movie was like totally was so flippen awesome...gosh

Tuesday, August 2, 07:45:46 PM

only saw a bit but what i saw was a smash

Sunday, July 31, 10:07:26 AM

great movie. I had a lot of fun watching it...

Monday, July 18, 12:58:25 PM

i thought Napoleon Dynamite was flipp`n awsome!!! Yesssss

Saturday, June 18, 08:06:00 PM

Sweet as Movie. it was awesome!

Saturday, June 18, 11:50:07 AM

Funny! Gosh idiots! Ever take it off any sweet jumps!

Tuesday, June 14, 05:11:47 PM

it was flippin sweet it was rthe best movie ive seen this year

Monday, May 16, 09:38:05 PM

I think this movie was flipp`n awsome!! It was so funny i

Monday, May 16, 09:37:17 PM

I saw the movie and thought it was really funny but kind of boring. I still like it though.

Sunday, May 15, 08:33:35 PM

Worst mouvie i have ever seen it is so BAD!!!!!

Friday, May 13, 09:22:44 PM

yea it was funny, but it was very very very very very very boreing. It also had no plot. It was like a few days in a geeks life. As my brother would call it-snore fest.

Monday, May 9, 11:49:31 PM

I loved the 7o`s theme going through the entire movie!! Could really relate to the humor!!

Tuesday, May 3, 02:23:30 PM

this movie is awsome it is 1 of the best movies ever !!!!!how can u not give it a 5 napolean is so hott...the movie was so funny i was laughing my a** off.i gave it 5 stars because a movie cant get much better ...GOSH well i hope there comes another Napolean Dynamite movie because that would b hott i luv u napolean dynamite!!!!

Thursday, April 28, 09:56:44 PM

I only have to say that this is the best movie ever >>> GOSH!!!

Thursday, April 21, 06:59:34 PM

It was so kewl !! Napoleon You are so Hot i want to meet him!!! why does he have to be married?? I LOVE NAPOLEON!!

Wednesday, April 13, 08:20:08 AM

it was so funny and Napoleon is so hot

Sunday, April 10, 04:21:31 PM

That movie was SO funny! One of my favorites! It was pointless but yet funny! Hopefully there will be another!!!