Tuesday, November 28, 03:25:20 PM

I LOVED A LOT of this flick. JP's acting job, amongst Many- the sheer SCOPE of it is not often seen these days. It was Quite the History Lesson, as Well. Seems fairly comprehensive, except towards the ignominious End to his storied military and political Career, anyway. And......I LIKE the SEX, for a Change! Seeing what made him 'tick', whether it had any basis in Reality is another matter, of course. But seeing him as a Man, not just the military icon and 'tyrant', was Great- for ME. The END of his Life though - it got very thin, and a little depressing.....but all in ALL...WAY Better than Most of what is SPEWING FORTH from Hollywild these days. A STANDOUT, for SURE!

Tuesday, November 28, 11:19:09 AM

Enjoyed it immensely. Should do very well at this year's Oscars. See it on the biggest screen possible.

Monday, November 27, 05:30:21 AM

Never a dull moment. Although the story is familiar, it's exciting to be taken into it through the life of a complicated man. Well done.

Monday, November 27, 12:03:59 AM

I'm pretty sure Bonaparte didn't have a hairlip.

Sunday, November 26, 04:33:22 PM

This may be part of a larger series, but the Napoleon that everyone wants is a 10 hour trilogy, a la Lord of the Rings, with fully fleshed out battle scenes, strategy, psychology, and legacies of the French Revolution to the modern world. Why was there a revolution? Why was Napoleon not the final answer? How did Europe change after Napoleon? Joaquin Phoenix was definitely miscast and is about as authentic as Kevin Costner in Robin Hood. Basically the only reason to see it is because someone had the audacity to try.

Sunday, November 26, 12:29:48 PM

The sexual was too explicit and not necessary in this film. We did not need to know about his private sexual desires and habits. More time should have been given to the planning of the battles and so on. Maybe a bit of a biography about Napoleon as well. The sex scenes classifies it as rated R and not family friendly or appropriate for younger viewers who are learning about history.

Saturday, November 25, 09:01:09 PM

Gotta love Joaquin Phoenix. He's oddly amusing no matter what he's doing. Personally, I didn't know much about Napoleon. What I did learn was very negative. This movie fleshes him out humanely. Some people actually liked him. Music was fitting. Fight scenes were appropriately awful. I hope they didn't kill all those horses!

Saturday, November 25, 01:24:06 PM

Emotionally devoid of dramatic involvement. Unfocused screenwriting and stale plot. Hollow characters. Napoleon’s life story should have developed into a solid mini-series following his youth, rise to political and military powers, and eventual fall on his last days on a secluded island. D+

Saturday, November 25, 10:06:58 AM

Definitely not for children. I found it dragged out and boring in a lot of spots. Overall, I wouldn’t go see it again. Knew most of it through my school days and I was expecting g more but didn’t get it.

Saturday, November 25, 12:15:13 AM

This movie has something for everyone. Great fun!

Friday, November 24, 02:53:30 PM

Out of the 300,000 books written about Napoleon, none of the 1 Stars rated reviews obviously never read any of them, lol.

Friday, November 24, 12:49:36 PM

i give it two Florence pughs out of 2

Thursday, November 23, 08:37:02 PM

Movie disjointed and very boring.

Thursday, November 23, 09:10:32 AM

It showed the human side of a great man.

Wednesday, November 22, 09:32:36 AM

Nothing held together ... battle scenes not developed, infatuation with Josephine - not developed. Kept waiting for something meaningful to happen that would make sense of this story, but if it did happen, it was too shallow to matter.

Tuesday, November 21, 07:48:58 PM


Tuesday, November 21, 05:26:48 PM

The stuff that happens in the movie was cool.

Tuesday, November 21, 08:50:28 AM

lol at the super tough reviewer who had to censor their use of the word "p**sy" Anyway, good movie.

Monday, November 20, 07:34:54 PM

Despite what the post below says, blockbusters haven't actually existed for decades and contemporary use of the word should be retired. There is irony in casting a liberal p**sy as one of the greatest warlords in history. Phoenix is pathetic.

Tuesday, November 14, 04:27:36 PM

This has blockbuster written all over it.