Wednesday, January 13, 09:12:41 PM


Monday, January 4, 04:52:39 PM

Slow film, but watch it for Tom Hanks

Sunday, January 3, 07:16:47 PM

Liked the part of learning to love someone, whose broken on both sides. Tom Hanks the lost of his wife and Co-star Johanna the lost of two families.

Sunday, January 3, 05:32:48 PM

Tom Hanks may have done an excellent job but it was an extremely boring story.

Saturday, January 2, 11:27:40 PM

Very slow and boreing

Friday, January 1, 04:03:21 PM


Thursday, December 31, 08:12:15 PM

I loved the entire movie!!! Tom Hanks is superb as is his precious young co-star (Helena?). In my opinion she's a rising star.

Wednesday, December 30, 06:22:44 PM

Really liked how post civil war was portrayed. Had a real feel to it about how that time in our history would have been. Tom Hanks is superior as always!

Wednesday, December 30, 01:59:20 PM

Movie was excellent, both actors were amazing

Sunday, December 27, 05:58:01 PM

There was no violence, nudity, sex scenes, foul language. The story line was very good and there was never a dull moment. Absolutely loved it.