Friday, August 26, 01:45:12 PM

Excellent! Can't wait to see the 3rd one!

Friday, August 12, 06:30:40 AM

At times I found it abit confusing and had moments where it seemed to drag but overall enjoyed the movie. Also, funny enough . From what I recall, I thought the first movie was slightly better but this was a good sequel. Would like to see another one.

Thursday, July 28, 09:49:44 PM

I really liked the movie. The sequel made very sense of what was going on. This one was better then the first. I like the cast.

Saturday, July 23, 11:42:48 AM

Really enjoyed the sequel. Having seen the first one, kind of expected that there would be a big ending with lots of magic tricks. The card tricks were excellent. To understand the plot, you need to see the first movie.

Wednesday, July 13, 10:03:32 AM

A little bit confusing and too much going on. Not enough depth to the plot and the end left you unsure of what just happened. Maybe you're better off watching the first one again.

Monday, July 11, 12:10:56 PM

An excellent & emotional follow up to the first movie, however there are aspects to the movie you might not get if you haven't seen the first.

Saturday, July 9, 08:33:18 AM

Not bad. Would probably have been better if I'd seen the first movie.

Friday, July 8, 02:36:52 AM

Very good almost as good as the first one smart and slick and with an ending you don't see coming

Thursday, July 7, 12:27:08 AM

Really damn good for a sequel

Tuesday, July 5, 11:48:52 PM

Left half way through, sucked d*ck

Thursday, June 30, 09:12:06 AM

This one really stunk

Wednesday, June 29, 03:10:19 AM

Did not see the first one to compare, liked illusions and slight of hands sketches, surprised that david Copperfield was involved in the production.

Sunday, June 26, 07:38:43 AM


Friday, June 24, 07:08:26 PM

This one's a colossal waste of time & money. I hate movies that are "stupid" and this was exactly that.

Friday, June 24, 06:54:38 PM

It stunk. Don't waste your money. I nearly left half way through.

Thursday, June 23, 11:55:14 AM

Gotta love the magic tricks - I did think #1 a little better than this one though.

Tuesday, June 21, 06:52:53 AM

Absolutely Sucked !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, June 20, 07:06:37 PM

Plot and magic too unbelievably complicated. I fell asleep! Sorry i paid for it!

Saturday, June 18, 10:45:48 PM

I absolutely, totally loved it and I hope there's a third movie. Like the first movie, it has quickly become one of my favourites and I will purchase the DVD when it comes out.

Saturday, June 18, 01:09:39 PM


Friday, June 17, 07:19:46 AM

Simply okay, a little slow

Wednesday, June 15, 05:33:46 PM

Plenty of star power going everywhere but ending nowhere Disappointing!

Sunday, June 12, 07:04:54 PM

slow, liked the cast from the first picture better,

Sunday, June 12, 05:53:29 PM


Friday, June 10, 10:21:03 PM

There is a lot of commercial hype about this movie and many of the movies today. Hollywood does seem to be running out of ideas, and yet there are so many good stories, books, biographical ideas out there. I I like the first one, and this is just a money grab too! Wait for something better to come along, save your money!

Friday, June 10, 01:35:25 PM

I stopped reading the reviews before seeing the movie. Are the movie studios adding their own positive reviews just to increase ticket sales? I have also stopped believing in movie hype of the trailers. Hollywood has gotten old and needs fresh material.

Thursday, May 26, 01:41:29 PM

I saw the screening of this film. It was very good. The acting was well done and the effects of the film and the magic tricks were great. Definitely recommend. :)