Saturday, July 27, 11:41:35 PM

Very intertaining!

Saturday, July 27, 11:26:18 PM

Takes you back in time with so many accurate visuals of the late 60’s. Great fairytelling by Quintin Tarantino. Another script to remind us if one thing changed in your day, the outcome could be life or history changing. Every scene has so many details, I need to see this again to see what I missed the first time. Another classic Tarantino flick.

Saturday, July 27, 10:44:33 PM

Acting was excellent but didn't like the story.

Saturday, July 27, 09:15:19 PM

It was three hours too long.

Saturday, July 27, 08:41:32 PM

Possibly the most off the wall, unpredictable, interesting, and professional movie drama I have ever seen that works on many levels. Level 1, it is based on a true story and true piece of Hollywood CA history. Level 2, it is geared for an intelligent take on a pair of tough guys, one an aging actor, the other a rough and tumble stunt man who is as fearless as he is skilled in street fighting (Brad Pitt's character). The entire cast is professional and fully capable of making a movie that is so on the edge, it seems to recoil at the audience like a wild mustang rearing up at a dozen rattlesnakes. I am going a 2nd time to see this wildly exciting movie. Margot Robbie is superb, as are the other actors and actresses, including the child actress who plays a redemptive role for our aging cowboy star character. Loaded with profanity. Served no purpose.

Saturday, July 27, 06:15:11 PM

Loved the actors and loved the movie. Leonardo DiCaprio was fabulous as an aging actor and Brad Pitt was amazing as his friend and stunt double. Since the emphasis of the movie was on them and their acting, it was great!

Saturday, July 27, 05:37:52 PM

Slow, long, boring. A pointless movie.

Saturday, July 27, 05:29:37 PM

We walked out after 1 hour

Saturday, July 27, 05:28:38 PM

Violent. Unnecessary

Saturday, July 27, 12:37:10 PM

I enjoy QT films however this just dragged on with nothing happening. This movie could have easily been 15 min long and you'd get the same out of the story. It almost felt like the film student project with the objective of needing to include all the kids in the class in a scene. For the first time ever I felt like walking out of a movie theater.Don't worry if you arrive 45 min late because you will not miss a single important aspect of the story. Sometimes people create films because they have nothing better to do with their lives and sadly suckers like me suffer.

Saturday, July 27, 09:36:18 AM

It offered an explanation to the horrendous murders...a drugged fatal mistake of going to the wrong house.

Saturday, July 27, 12:21:57 AM

Much too long ... with too many pointless scenes... mostly boring, ... the violence is pointlessly extreme-endless violence - . Sloppy directing. I did like seeing all the cameo actors and the children of famous actors ... but Save your money.

Saturday, July 27, 12:08:53 AM

Saw this Thursday. Going again Monday. Surprised me in the best way.

Friday, July 26, 11:48:20 PM


Friday, July 26, 11:46:33 PM

I love QT films ,but this one seemed to drag on a bit . At first I didn't get the point but after thinking about it ,I realized QT's vision was to portray real historic events , but in a "what if life was like a movie" scenario where the hero always prevails and you always have a happy ending . Thus the title Once Upon A Time , like a fairy tale . Just my opinion .

Friday, July 26, 10:46:52 PM

i give it all the stars however if you are not of that era i can understand the frustration having said that this movie shows us such a great time frame loved it

Friday, July 26, 08:17:53 PM


Friday, July 26, 07:41:58 PM

Seldom does a movie represent the present condition so well. This piece operates on a level which brings out the writers and directors true artistic genius, A startling and serious confrontation between reality and fantasy which tells the current chaotic tale of the human condition. Shakespeare would have love it! perhaps the finest piece of real about movie cinema since The Stuntman

Friday, July 26, 07:21:55 PM

Creative writing and excellent cinematography, & A CLASSY WAY TO END A MOVIE,

Friday, July 26, 05:29:41 PM

Long and boring. I was disappointed

Friday, July 26, 05:17:32 PM

best Tarantino movie thus far

Friday, July 26, 04:25:58 PM

A complex film, struggled through the first half, classic Tarantino in the second. Could have tightened it up to two hours would have made it better.

Friday, July 26, 01:25:26 PM

Worst Tarantino film ever.... Soooo boring and pointlessly long. Bout 20 mins of actual entertaining watch, the ending and Bruce lee fight. The rest was total garbage. So let down by this film, don't waste your money wait for dvd...👎👎

Friday, July 26, 10:44:14 AM

great dialogue, fantastic acting

Friday, July 26, 03:04:18 AM

This will be the first Tarantino I don't see more than once. Some good moments but really could have used 56 more minutes hit the cutting room floor. Too long a story for an anti climactic finish. Also weird that the Manson family murders are even in here. Save your money. I think he lost perspective on this one.

Thursday, July 25, 08:06:53 PM

Terrible. No plot and poor acting. Big disappointment

Thursday, July 25, 07:21:13 PM

person below, FYI: there is such a thing as advanced screenings, you ever heard of them.

Thursday, July 25, 06:21:15 PM

FYI people, You are not supposed to review a movie until you see it!

Saturday, July 20, 08:08:49 AM

Finally, a real non blockbuster, non - phoney real movie. Thanks Q.

Tuesday, March 5, 12:50:37 PM

cant wait for this.