Wednesday, September 4, 08:07:03 PM

Really liked this movie the twists were great in the mason killings and the story was typical QT very worth it saw it twice

Tuesday, September 3, 03:03:43 PM

This movie was not Quentin Tarantino finest work! You go to a Tarantino movie to experience very clever dialog from the actors and memorable scenes. For example the opening scene from Inglorious Bastards in the house where people are hiding under the house or Pulp Fiction where the characters are talking about the Royal with Cheese or Reservoir Dogs where the crew is talking about tipping a server. This movie lacks that banter with its characters. Yes, its about the film industry in the last 60's and the struggle to remain in the industry as an actor, but nothing was interesting or done in an interesting manor. The pacing of this film was very slow, and at times so slow that I thought about if I could cut my our hair. If your planning to see this film save your money and time and watch Murdoch Mysteries instead, if people actual even watch that, at less it free.

Monday, September 2, 11:03:23 PM

Excellent movie and great acting by Leonardo and Brad!

Monday, September 2, 05:11:21 PM

Three adults thought it was a waste of money and time

Monday, September 2, 03:06:01 PM

Waste of over two hours! Don't waste your time or money .....

Sunday, September 1, 01:33:07 PM

In Quentin Tarantino fashion, he never disappoints, excellent acting by all, story line and best ending ever. I have to see again.

Sunday, September 1, 11:20:14 AM

Bad movie. Disjointed with no flow or meaning. Don’t waste your money on this one. I like both Pitt and Decaprio but they didn’t do themselves any justice in this movie. They should be more selective with a script.

Sunday, September 1, 09:12:51 AM

Pitt and DeCaprio lowered themselves. The movie is good acting but the plot is awful, historical fantasy, makes light of very sad events, the violence attacks your senses needlessly, & promotes mental illness, and glorifies the sick behaviour we constantly see on the news. Want more for an afternoon at the movies?

Saturday, August 31, 09:47:55 PM

I thought the acting was superb. Loved the dog too. Good job with the logistics. Sadly, not enough plot and WAY TOO LONG!!!!

Friday, August 30, 10:58:39 PM

Movie was awesome, I will see it again.

Friday, August 30, 03:04:16 PM

Absolutely loved this movie. A masterpiece. Great throw back to 1969. And a wonderful plot that carries you along. Every minute was enjoyable!!!!

Friday, August 30, 11:55:19 AM

language is off the top and totally unecessary. Amazed DiCaprio and Brad Pitt lowered themselves to do this film. Guess $ is what it is all about. A shame as they are both so talented.

Friday, August 30, 11:07:52 AM

This movie is an absolute abomination. With little to no plot driving it forward and poor performances across the board this may be in the running for worst film of the decade. Del Toro should really take a good hard look in the mirror after this abysmal attempt of a film. Leo Decaprianardo and Bradley Pitt fall short on every level. Disappointing and bland at best.

Thursday, August 29, 11:42:08 PM

Loved this movie 🎥 GOING AGAIN !!!

Thursday, August 29, 09:28:17 PM

Just an awesome throwback to an awesome time.

Thursday, August 29, 04:21:33 PM

We found the movie to be very slow, scattered, and boring. My cousin and I kept waiting for something to happen, but were disappointed.

Thursday, August 29, 01:18:53 PM

Thought the movie was awesome. Acting was exceptional, story entertaining. The whole premise is in the title "Once upon a time.." Anyone upset with the ending should not have been surprised.

Wednesday, August 28, 01:03:56 PM

Enjoyed this movie, great 60s vibe, great actors obviously, and they did not disappoint. The movie was done by Quentin Tarantino however, so remember it is violent, his movies always are. In this case it was enjoyably violent, too bad this wasn’t the real story behind the Manson murders. Great twist.

Tuesday, August 27, 10:10:22 PM

Very hard to follow - way too long ....

Tuesday, August 27, 07:47:49 PM

A good movie, enjoyed it because I like Pitt, but wouldn't especially recommend it.

Tuesday, August 27, 10:14:44 AM

This movie was awful - I tried to like it but it failed in so many ways. After sitting through half of it we gave up and walked out. Save your money or rent it at a box if you want to see it. Definitely not big screen worthy.

Tuesday, August 27, 01:26:35 AM

I think it is funny that some people walked out, or they thought it was boring. This movie was so much about making movies, the real and unreal, reality and what we fantasize that it should be. I guess it just goes over their heads. This film was art. Bravo Quentin Bravo

Tuesday, August 27, 01:20:54 AM

Wow. Wow. Wow. Loved every minute. How can anyone give this masterpiece a low score. They just don't know better. Sad.

Tuesday, August 27, 01:17:40 AM

I love Rick dalton! This was such a good movie i have seen it 3 times. A classic! Brad Pitt, is still a hunk. Quentin you are a master. This movie will be the top choice for film studies. A rosebud!

Monday, August 26, 07:19:19 PM

This is a very slow moving movie and not very well done.

Monday, August 26, 06:27:09 PM

Watching this is like getting a big warm loving hug from a movie, but it seems most want wham-bam grunting empty spectacle. This film is too good for most people.

Monday, August 26, 02:58:05 PM

This movie was excruciatingly long, boring and void of any plot. As another reviewer said "Is Hollywood so Morally Bankrupt that they are Profiteering of the Manson Murders. Sharon Tate was an innocent woman. Shame on QT."

Sunday, August 25, 10:31:18 PM

I loved this movie because it reminds me when all this happened and how the times were. The best part was the surprise ending. I think the people who hated it either weren’t born yet or did not understand it. People complaining about the language and violence must not have seen a Tarantino movie before. This was actually pretty tame for him. I also loved the old cars and the clothes they wore. My god I’m willing to bet today’s celebrities act a whole lot worse in real life.

Sunday, August 25, 02:00:36 PM


Sunday, August 25, 01:33:29 PM

Like cinematic visionaries before him, Tarantino is stretching the principles of the form to really show us something here. Let it happen. You will smile.

Sunday, August 25, 01:25:56 PM

Mostly boring until the end. Brad Pitt was good. Wait for video if you must.

Sunday, August 25, 12:01:01 PM

I agree with this previous explanation by other viewer. "Watching paint dry is more entertaining than this movie"

Saturday, August 24, 05:43:39 PM

Total waste of film-first movie I ever walked out on in my life--an I'm 72. Try to remember how great Leo was in "Titanic", and Brad in "Legends of the fall"", and don't your time or money on this offering. So sad to see what a couple of great actors will do to earn a buck.

Saturday, August 24, 11:43:08 AM

Great movie. Smart, very funny, beautifully acted and visually just incredible... Thanks to the director, actors (including the little girl and the dog)and everyone, who created this masterpiece!

Saturday, August 24, 10:53:35 AM

Everything, reminded me of the years we lived there

Saturday, August 24, 10:29:04 AM

Rick Dalton flipping out in his trailer is my spirit animal. I thought it was a fun movie. Might be too close to an independent film for some people. There's lots of talking. Some people don't like that. First movie in a long time where I laughed audibly in the theater more than once.

Friday, August 23, 06:45:58 PM

If it were not for the specific actors, this would be one of the worst 3 shows we have ever seen. Too bad the 2 male leads agreed to do this one.

Friday, August 23, 01:01:08 PM

The plot, language, graphic and lewd scenes were horrible. What a waste of Brad Pitt's abilities. Even one star is too high but because Brad did the best he could do with an awful script, I'll rate it 1 star.

Friday, August 23, 11:00:05 AM

Loved the 60's vibe and attention to detail but the movie was way too long and very slow paced.

Thursday, August 22, 08:53:21 PM

Awesome movie