Saturday, July 21, 05:27:27 PM

Great Movie well put together much action gives me a reminder of the times during RAM SQUAD era Really Good Movie Big Ups to the writers producers actors and actresses

Thursday, March 15, 12:01:30 AM

Ok where do i start? The beginning was funny and action packed I really loved the cast I think the acting was solid but that love scene between Lisa Dan tone got me heated. This film was done right from the story line all the way to the wardrobe and omg the guy who played ern was so Fiiiiiiine

Tuesday, March 13, 11:36:53 AM

Great movie great cast

Sunday, March 11, 10:53:11 AM

Just saw it last night. I thought it was a lil to short but I loved the actors and quality. Tone omg that’s my future husband. Real talk🤪

Sunday, March 11, 10:45:54 AM

I looooooooove Tone he is so handsome and crazy😍😍😍😍😍😍

Saturday, March 10, 01:34:01 PM

Dope 🤙🏿

Saturday, March 10, 01:22:32 PM

Fire film— Loved the ACTING, music, and philly streets! Detective Houston killed it as the bad cop & Earn from Mount Vern killed it too.

Saturday, March 10, 01:13:39 PM

I loved this movie! Seen it twice and wanna see it again!! All Philly Cast!! Shot in Philly! Skyline and the streets where it was filmed at was 👌

Saturday, March 10, 01:06:13 PM

dope cast dope movie #onceuponatimeinphilly

Saturday, March 10, 01:03:09 PM

Great cast shot well and decent acting too short though

Saturday, March 10, 12:57:44 PM

Dope! Women! Crime! Drugs! Money! Bad Guys And Crooked Cops! Phillys finest movie since Bruce Willis joint back in day

Saturday, March 10, 12:45:01 PM

Shot well and actors were solid

Saturday, March 10, 12:38:19 PM

Cool ass movie! Great directing with great acting! Love the White bull detective he had a movie star look and acting was great!

Friday, March 9, 05:56:47 PM

Excellent movie!!! Great way to showcase talent!! I like that kid who plays rocky he has potential

Friday, March 9, 05:24:23 PM

Awesome, nice to see a TOTALLY PHILLY CAST! Great 🍿 movie. Must see👀👏

Friday, March 9, 03:00:05 PM

Dope movie Philly classic

Friday, March 9, 02:48:56 PM

Dope fast paste great storyline

Friday, March 9, 02:37:26 PM

Too short but great cast

Friday, March 9, 02:32:01 PM


Friday, March 9, 02:28:16 PM

Bring Tone back in part 2. Hurry up!!!!!!!!💯

Friday, March 9, 02:24:50 PM

I like the acting and the quality of the film.

Friday, March 9, 02:18:26 PM

All I have to say is the guy who plays Tone was incredible I can’t wait to see a part two but please bring back Tone he was just the right amount of crazy to love him and hate him at the same time

Friday, March 9, 02:16:53 PM

This movie was every thing and I mean it I want more. I’ve seen it twice and I’m going back because it’s so much I missed in the clues etc it’s action packed which I love

Friday, March 9, 01:46:56 PM

This is a wonderful film! From the actors on down, there's no doubt that this is pure Philly. The film should've been longer tho... but I'm thinking a sequel is coming.

Monday, March 5, 11:25:06 AM

The movie was wonderfully shot. It made the Philadelphia skyline look great! I The only problem was the shortage of tickets.

Monday, March 5, 05:53:16 AM

Amazing movie

Sunday, March 4, 10:42:57 AM

A waste of time