Sunday, January 14, 06:31:36 PM

Excellent movie, the castle the story which I did not know it was based on a true story. Loved it!!

Thursday, January 4, 01:02:25 PM

Great movie !

Tuesday, November 28, 12:50:56 PM

Excellent acting. Immensely emotional. Growing up in AZ this was my old stomping grounds (even though filmed in NM) but definitely looked similar. I remember talking to my family who still live in AZ when this happened and asking how could this happen, all 19. After seeing this movie I understand a little more the possible answers albeit we’ll never know for sure. I’ve seen the movie 4 times and will definitely purchase it.

Tuesday, November 21, 12:59:55 PM

We liked this movie a lot. Any time you can get a look into a way of life that you'll never be a part of is awesome. The fire scenes were really good and the acting was superb. These people really put their lives on the line and don't get much adulation.

Wednesday, November 15, 11:18:02 AM

Excellent - well done - been there and seen it, the real stuff.

Friday, November 10, 09:39:11 PM

Probably one of the best well acted movies I have seen in a long time. The cast is impressive and you feel as though you are one of the crew and go through the triumphs and ultimately tragedy they experience A must see!

Friday, November 10, 10:18:45 AM

It has been a while since a movie has really impressed me and this true story really did. With all the forest fires and wild fires effecting us these days, I think this story is being told on film at a great time. I need to say after watching this movie I feel compelled to thank and honour all the men and women who fight fires for a living or as volunteers. This story is about Hot Shotters in particular but anyone who has the courage and strength to battle the blaze ... any blaze has my respect ... they do it for the challenge, the thrill and to feed a self desire to help people and save lives and property and they all need to be recognized for the risks they take to keep us, our property and the beautiful places we live in and love to play in both alive and safe for us all ... these people are heroes ... what this movie made me realize is that it's not just them ... the only people more heroic than those who battle the blaze are their loved ones at home who live with the constant fear that on any alarm or forest fire their hero may not come home the same or at all .... we owe as much or more gratitude to them as we do those men and women they love and support .... so if you know any one who battles fire or their family members give them a hug and a thank you ... and go see this movie that tells the story of people like them who risk it all to walk the line that keeps us and our places and things from becoming fuel .... it's a risky and dangerous life that not just anyone can live .... ONLY THE BRAVE

Saturday, November 4, 10:42:16 PM

Never knew this true story existed before this week really understand the story now.The firefighters were heros and this is a story I will never forget. The move was excellent

Saturday, November 4, 07:03:09 PM

Great story well acted movie

Thursday, November 2, 10:31:21 PM

Highly recommend this movie, base on a real true story, Jennifer connelly is still lovely.

Thursday, November 2, 09:50:24 PM

Unlike the other movies, this is a true 5 stars best movie that everyone should watch it.

Thursday, November 2, 02:56:25 PM

I recommend go see this movie. Jennifer Connelly's performance is excellent. All the actors performed very well! I like the way the movie had multiple stories going as it developed several characters. Also the dialogues between all the characters is real life material, including the way the movie depicts the camaraderie among the Hot Shots. This movie does an excellent job portraying the burdens placed on family life as well as the family-life sacrifices these firefighter public servants made before the ultimate sacrifice. Seeing their photos at the end, very real. Not too long ago, I read an article talking about a push to bring back real life - real people oriented movies to Hollywood. Some of the ones I have seen lately, especially this one, appear to have been made with that thought in mind. This movie offers humor, drama, then it leaves you feeling sad yet hopeful.

Wednesday, November 1, 11:33:17 PM

Slow paced movie and I expected more drama. I respect that it is a truly tragic story however it could have been portrayed better.

Wednesday, November 1, 01:08:16 PM

The best thing is it is a true story that needed to be told. It dragged a bit in the middle especially when they tried to develop the characters and the bonds they felt. Even though I knew the ending the intensity was strong. This is a tear jerker ending in an immense way. Bring tissues. My prayers for the families.

Tuesday, October 31, 10:39:14 PM

Awesome, great movie!

Monday, October 30, 10:31:21 PM

Top pick, shouldn't miss it.

Monday, October 30, 10:29:39 PM

Wow! Very entertaining and also very touching story. Worth all the money.

Monday, October 30, 01:07:08 PM

This movie has a laughter, fear, anger, and sadness. You get to see how they train and how they live their daily lives single and married. It's well worth the evening out and cost of the movie. I would watch again.

Sunday, October 29, 07:51:28 PM

We enjoyed this movie from the beginning till the end! Highly recommended.

Sunday, October 29, 04:30:11 PM

Good movie, didn’t know about this event until the movie.

Saturday, October 28, 04:22:26 AM

Great story about the men and women who put their lives on the line when nature goes berserk. Inspiring. Believable. Good to great acting. Good to know there are folks like that out there!

Friday, October 27, 07:21:18 PM

An excellent portrayal of how firefighters fight to save lives. The acting was excellent. very humane film.

Friday, October 27, 09:24:02 AM

I went to this film thinking it was just another rescue/action film, but I was pleasantly surprised. The plot is decent and parts of the acting is convincing. Brolin's wife is very good, especially the scene in the truck. That was a nice turning point. The hotshot characters are interesting and Jeff Bridges turns in another good show. I saw the comparable rescue film, the Other side of the Mountain, and there was no contest at all. Only the Brave is a film worth seeing; the two characters stuck in the Rockies should stay there and freeze to death!

Thursday, October 26, 02:26:21 PM

Having been a wild land fire fighter, I commend the quality of the movie as it portrays a true to form feeling of the real man at work. Having been in a similar predicament at one time I felt emotionally drained. Hope that many people appreciate our efforts given and see this tribute to those that that get injured or harmed in other ways.

Thursday, October 26, 09:04:09 AM

Living in Arizona and having gone to the fire site, this movie really put everything into perspective. My sympathy and support go to not only the Granite Hotshots and their families but to all firefighters and hotshots around the country. They gave and they give their lives to protect all of us. This movie was really touching.

Wednesday, October 25, 10:37:15 PM

an emotional true story that you shouldn't miss!

Wednesday, October 25, 10:32:10 PM

Best Movie that everyone should watch it.

Wednesday, October 25, 06:01:06 PM

It was ok, a look into the firefighters world, based on a true story.

Wednesday, October 25, 03:42:11 AM

Best movie I have seen in months. It may be because I can relate very strongly to the characters or the fact it is about a true happening, but whatever the case GO SEE THIS MOVIE!

Tuesday, October 24, 09:04:19 PM

Great movie

Saturday, October 21, 06:51:06 PM

This is one movie that needs to be seen. I knew it was a true story about these amazing men but I had no idea what actually happened to them. Tissues are needed for sure.

Saturday, October 21, 03:13:25 PM

Excellent movie based on a true story! Not your typical disaster movie but a great portrayal of the bond among the men

Friday, October 20, 11:29:23 PM

WOW this movie pulls you and leaves you wanting more. Its been a long time since I have seen a movie without constant sex, violence and swearing. If you see one movie this year ... go see this. You will not be disappointed!

Friday, October 20, 09:28:44 PM

Very emotional movie, didn't realize it was a true story till the end , very sad .Well done movie . Bring your kleenex.

Wednesday, October 18, 06:22:44 PM

I saw this film in a screening. At first, I thought it would be a dull fire fighter film but the ending was profound and I cannot get it out of my thoughts. And, it is a true story. At the end of the screening, people stood up and applauded.