Friday, February 4, 06:46:46 AM

The screenplay for "Out of Blue" is an adaptation of Martin Amis’s novel 'Night Train'. The film is inspired by homicide departments. We're haunted by how unoccupied the big communal office spaces often are and how one department saved on energy by keeping the overhead lights off, so it becomes lit by an array of lamps brought from home. It's about the personalities of the detectives, to the sounds around them, to how much paperwork they did, to the way they responded and were shaped by their brutal, crime-riddled world. To how night drifted into day and day into night. The film discovers that we all come from stardust, and therefore are all biologically connected to each other. We see the characters as a constellation of stars, and we drawn into the mysteries of their universe and their minds. Suicide runs through the film. It's a cosmopolitan theme. It feels almost occult, the characters are taking over our mind, seeping into our dreams, and they're encouraging us to alter the nature of their story. "Out Of Blue" encapsulates what so much of the film is about, the blue of the night planet, the blue of the police, the blue of human emotion and the thin blue line of our atmosphere. The film is obsessed with the power of the gaze, how we construct it, who possesses it. Awash in dreamlike, neo-noir atmosphere, this one-of-a-kind thriller is both a tantalizing whodunnit and a metaphysical mind-bender. Written by Gregory Mann