Friday, June 29, 04:16:52 PM

Ok, I give it 5 stars because I am a fan of the Japanese big robot style. This is a fantastic follow up to the first movies. CGI was acceptable. This is a great rid but you really need to see the first one. It does not stand alone very well by itself. So make it a double feature and you and your friend will have a good time. Truly I feel this fall in the 3 stars because, well it's a big giant robot movie. The story is predictable and the acting is average. Not a must see but if you want a fun nite with friends, this might get the job done as a doubleheader.

Sunday, June 24, 01:57:24 AM

Sequel of the year! Really outstanding.

Tuesday, June 19, 12:16:04 AM

Seemed like they were shooting for a younger audiance on this one. I mean, giant robots and monsters, you cant go in expecting any different, but I enjoyed the first one alot more.

Saturday, April 14, 01:00:01 PM

Great film for people who love Godzilla and are disappointed by recent offerings. Great action,plot,chemistry.

Sunday, April 8, 07:42:55 PM

We went today, we are seniors and got a big kick out of this movie. We enjoyed the plot, which surprised us. We were expecting minimum plot and all special effects. We loved the special effects. The casting and acting was fine. Would have given it 5 stars, but the dialogue was frequently 'muddy' and delivered too fast to really understand. Occasional captions helped....the whole thing needs captions. Yes, the theater volume was turned up plenty high, and yes we have very good hearing. The audio of the actors lines was poorly recorded. Visual was excellent. Plot had some interesting twists. Our favorite character actor was the scientist with the cane.

Sunday, April 8, 08:30:32 AM

Acting was the worst. 2nd was no soundtrack. Looks like a movie that would of came out 8 years ago.

Friday, April 6, 01:01:42 PM

Sweet movie Great go see it now

Friday, April 6, 06:49:13 AM

A cliched mess. This is the cinema of the obtuse.

Wednesday, April 4, 02:04:14 PM

If you liked the 1st movie you should like this one. It was exactly as I expected, which is a good thing. I enjoyed it.

Sunday, April 1, 06:56:19 AM

Monsters, robots, 15years old hacker :D LOL! Stupidity in its best form.

Saturday, March 31, 12:13:05 PM

Noisy. Flashy. Alright movie.

Tuesday, March 27, 08:16:23 PM

I saw the 3D version, it was a muddy print. I am a photographer and I know what a muddy print looks like. Also the sound track was dismal, did anyone try to make a good movie. The acting was fine, not great but having 3D sunglasses on the movie was too dark. Popcorn was OK. Save your money and see something else.

Monday, March 26, 11:15:36 PM

Even SHERLOCK GNOMES was no match for this juggernaut.

Monday, March 26, 05:43:45 PM

Sweet movie. Very good story, fx, action Can't wait for the next one

Monday, March 26, 01:06:12 PM

Loved the story and the special effects. Outstanding!

Sunday, March 25, 12:50:55 PM

Loved this movie!

Sunday, March 25, 01:17:26 AM

Very true to the first movie, loved it!

Saturday, March 24, 10:24:23 PM

awesome movie and fight scenes were great :)

Saturday, March 24, 10:16:17 PM

Wasted my money on this

Saturday, March 24, 09:52:30 PM

It was a good movie, my son's and I enjoyed it.

Friday, March 23, 12:13:55 PM

My daughter and I really enjoyed this movie. Fantastic special effects, plenty of plot twists--love this franchise.

Friday, March 23, 12:26:56 AM

Excellent movie. As good if not better than the first. Sets us up for the third movie. Will see again and agsin. Gonna kick ass.

Thursday, March 22, 10:04:36 PM


Thursday, March 22, 10:03:21 PM

This movie was awesome. Great movie, lots of action.

Thursday, March 22, 05:38:08 PM

Campy, but entertaining despite the massive plot holes.

Saturday, March 17, 11:54:26 PM

First movie was excellent and the second one looks just as exciting

Thursday, March 15, 11:53:42 AM

Lots of explosive monster action...but the original grounded the spectacle with interesting characters and a story worthy of our attention.

Thursday, March 15, 10:01:19 AM

A lot of action!

Monday, October 30, 02:10:39 PM

the first one was really good and this one has even better actors in it

Saturday, September 9, 11:55:42 PM

Might be good but we shall see the first one was ok so I doubt this one will wow is either