Sunday, November 17, 05:36:36 PM

Amazing! Probably the best movie of the year. If you don’t like subtitles, suck it up and watch anyways. It’s worth it. Bong Joon Ho has consistently proven himself to be one of the greatest directors of the 2010s and this is his best film yet.

Sunday, November 17, 03:57:25 PM


Friday, November 15, 07:18:58 AM

All movies should be this good.

Monday, November 11, 03:14:36 PM

I loved all the unexpected twists and turns.

Friday, November 8, 02:07:49 PM

Complex characters with unexpected twists leaving you switching who you find yourself rooting for many times. Parts of the setup are a little slow at times but more than make up for it by the end. A little patience yields huge rewards.

Thursday, November 7, 12:49:45 PM

Weird and gross Asian movie. That's it

Sunday, November 3, 09:52:59 PM

Subtitles but excellent movie far better than some of the other movies at the box office. I enjoyed this movie

Sunday, November 3, 06:26:48 PM

Slow moving Gory Not flowing Not worth even one star

Sunday, November 3, 12:11:14 AM

Bong Joon-ho a great Korean director Who also directed the action film Snowpiercer. Mixed action, violence comedy. A low income family set afoot into the upper class world with a twist and a few bumps along the way. Spoiler ALert with english subtitles. Take a chance check this Parasite for yourselves