Tuesday, September 27, 11:39:07 AM

Pearl is a unique movie. Well written, directed and all the actors gave it their best. The three minutes(6pages) of dialogue near the end broke all rules of writing. It was done with such perfection, that it pushed the movie up the scale to a 5 star.

Wednesday, September 21, 07:36:46 AM

this is just a stupid movie, actually garbage. was expecting a scary movie but ended up being a waste of time. u will not b disappointed if u miss this one

Wednesday, September 21, 04:38:17 AM

Surprisingly unfunny biopic of Clayton Forrester's mother. You could try riffing through it, I suppose.

Monday, September 19, 04:27:13 PM

Only politics will keep Mia Goth from going home with the 2022 Oscar for Best Actress. Of the 75 films I have seen in 2022, none have a performance to rival Goth's extraordinary treatment of Pearl. Every 5-6 years seem to yield one acting landmark that would equal the stunning portrayal Goth lends to Pearl. Streep, Theron, Lawrence...good luck in 2023. But in 2022 no one is breathing the same air as Mia Goth in Pearl.