Wednesday, June 20, 12:42:48 AM

I got a real kick out of this movie. Grrreat for all ages and I am 'up there' - chronologically - but not in spirit1

Sunday, April 8, 05:54:05 PM


Saturday, April 7, 05:31:20 PM

I thought the story line was so entertaining, adults would enjoy this movie as well as children.

Sunday, April 1, 09:35:51 AM

Very good movie for the kids

Friday, March 30, 12:32:44 PM

The movie was very much what I thought it was going to be.... Mr. McGregor and Peter Rabbit going at each other. The animation was beautiful; sometimes I forgot that the rabbits were not real!! Our family (8 of us went together) enjoyed it very much!

Wednesday, March 28, 12:37:11 AM

It is such a nice and funny movie. My children wants to watch it again.

Monday, March 26, 10:22:18 PM

Such an adorable movie. Will watch again.

Sunday, March 25, 05:27:44 PM

Very funny reminds me of my kids when they was young

Wednesday, March 21, 11:04:46 PM

So funny for the whole family!

Wednesday, March 21, 09:25:16 PM

Love this movie! Went with the kids and was the first time my oldest(10) actually enjoyed going out to see a movie.

Friday, March 16, 03:11:21 AM

Animation, humor

Thursday, March 15, 09:49:06 AM

The rabbit was very funny as the character who was trying to rid off the rabbit. The rest of animals were smart and funny.

Thursday, March 15, 08:09:50 AM

I enjoyed this movie with my husband and children. Cute.

Thursday, March 15, 07:43:05 AM

Fantastic story for everyone.

Thursday, March 15, 07:34:51 AM

I loved the fluffy rabbit.

Thursday, March 15, 07:25:07 AM

I will watching this movie again. Loved the story.

Thursday, March 15, 07:24:07 AM

A very delightful story. Lol

Thursday, March 15, 07:23:05 AM

This movie made me laugh :)

Thursday, March 15, 07:21:56 AM

My kids loved this funny and the same sad movie. No syco people in this movie. Misleading. This was a cute movie.

Thursday, March 15, 12:24:32 AM

Brought down by the intolerable voice of annoying sycophant James Corden.

Tuesday, March 13, 04:18:11 PM

I took my teenager to see this movie and he loved. This movie is so sweet. Remind me the bear movie I saw couple months ago with Peter from Doctor Who.

Monday, March 12, 07:53:39 PM

Great movie!!! I took my granddaughters for spring break, whoever wrote and produced this movie, should get a standing ovation. Fantastic animated movie for the entire family.

Saturday, March 10, 10:32:56 PM

This movie was great fun for both children and adults alike! The humor came through on so many different levels that it is guaranteed to bring more laughs during a second viewing. It's not possible to catch every humorous exchange and cultural reference on the first viewing!

Saturday, March 10, 06:07:08 PM

Loving little fluffy rabbit.

Saturday, March 10, 06:04:10 PM

Wonderful movie. Loved it.

Friday, March 9, 04:49:34 PM

I loved this movie! great for kids and really funny! I would recommend seeing this again!

Friday, March 9, 04:49:34 PM

I loved this movie! great for kids and really funny! I would recommend seeing this again!

Thursday, March 8, 10:54:30 PM

Funny and entertaining!

Wednesday, March 7, 07:00:43 PM

My husband and I loved this movie and would like to see it again! Wonderful for children and adults! 5/5

Sunday, March 4, 08:31:17 AM

My kids loved this movie.

Sunday, March 4, 08:30:51 AM

Cute movie.

Sunday, March 4, 08:30:33 AM

I loved this movie.

Friday, February 23, 07:40:58 PM


Thursday, February 22, 03:30:55 PM

Cute family movie...enjoyed by all

Tuesday, February 20, 05:29:30 PM

Delightful movie, good for all ages!

Monday, February 19, 08:48:05 AM

Loads of fun...all ages

Sunday, February 18, 09:53:05 PM

Good movie

Sunday, February 18, 03:54:38 PM

Pretty funny movie really enjoyed it

Sunday, February 18, 12:11:31 PM

Fun family movie. Will see it again.

Friday, February 16, 10:54:42 PM

Funny entertaining movie. Loved it!