Thursday, February 15, 11:27:40 PM

What a fantastic movie. :)

Thursday, February 15, 08:21:18 PM

Very enjoyable movie! Animals were funny and lovable.

Thursday, February 15, 05:15:39 PM

So much fun! Great movie! Would see it again. Definitely a DVD/Blueray purchase!

Wednesday, February 14, 10:19:27 AM

Ps 2 delightfully. Loved the bunnies antics, had a pet rabbit , white with dark fur outlining the eyes, Munch-ee, thumping away in it's cage.

Wednesday, February 14, 10:07:32 AM

Delightfully enjoyable and audaciously amusing antics. Remembered reading B. POTTERS books, fantastic flashback with different interpretation, appreciated Jared the exception cg Sep dial effects meditating!

Friday, February 9, 08:25:52 PM

Just saw this movie...great fun for all ages!

Friday, February 9, 05:39:07 PM

I loved this immensely! It was hilarious! Perfect for adults & children alike. The movie reminds me of the Peter Rabbit Books & R.D. Dishes.

Friday, February 9, 10:55:10 AM

Fun movie for kids and adults!

Thursday, February 8, 10:39:11 AM

I was one of the lucky people who attended an Advance screening and I enjoyed it immensely! The Vancouver screening also had a lot of children but I caught giggles, laughter and squawks of delight from several of the munchkins throughout the theater. I strongly recommend this for any age group as it was clever, charming and very funny.

Wednesday, February 7, 06:26:25 PM

I loved the trailer. I can’t wait to go to see this movie.

Monday, February 5, 02:52:41 PM

Fantastic movie, I went to an advance screening and I loved it. I went with a friend (we're both adults) and she loved it as well, we were just smiling and laughing throughout.

Friday, January 19, 07:21:29 PM

I feel like I've waited my entire life for this movie. 5/5