Monday, July 17, 12:52:19 AM

Best movie of 2016!

Tuesday, November 29, 02:17:30 PM

Great Movie

Wednesday, November 16, 05:28:30 PM

This was the best Disney movie ever! Really enjoyed the special effects and animation in this movie. Can't wait to get the DVD!

Thursday, October 20, 10:51:35 AM

Excellent family movie

Saturday, September 17, 03:18:46 AM

The best Disney movie in decades!

Thursday, September 15, 11:01:42 PM

Best movie of the year

Tuesday, September 13, 04:19:21 PM

it was a movie that appeals to all ages. we did not have kids with us, but it appealed to the kid in us. a great story.

Friday, September 2, 11:01:52 AM

Great fantasy movie .... reminded me of the song "Puff the Magic Dragon." There are moments when it is pretty obvious that the Dragon is fake however that did not take away from my enjoyment of the idea. Moral of the story? Listen to your child's wild stories .... they are trying to tell you about their heart!

Thursday, September 1, 06:27:54 AM

Excellent heart-warming movie. BEST one I have ever seen with my 5 year old niece and 9 year old nephew. My sister enjoyed too. I loved it. It taught me that it's ok to cry even though a very happy ending. It touched my heart. All children will enjoy watching Pete's Dragon. I admire the Author/Director for such an amazing, loving and the intense emotions involved in some of the scenes. A MUST SEE for ALL ages.

Friday, August 26, 05:47:30 PM

the commercials for this movie they are so funny

Thursday, August 25, 10:43:15 AM

An excellent family movie.

Tuesday, August 23, 03:03:51 PM

Fantastic movie,it saved the summer from all the cheesy super hero crap! You'll want to go home and hug your pet!

Monday, August 22, 06:42:44 PM

This was a great movie! A must see for all ages...

Monday, August 22, 10:49:13 AM

Great movie to show kids it's alright to Cry! Both of the kids I took had tears in their eyes. And in the end of the movie they came out with smiles on their faces! I'm glad that I took them to this movie.😂

Saturday, August 20, 05:13:55 PM

Warm and very touching movie. I almost cried.

Tuesday, August 16, 11:14:21 PM

HEARTWARMING, what a pinch of faith, hope, courage and imagination does

Tuesday, August 16, 04:55:52 PM

This movie was great!! My 3 yr old twins sat through the whole movie.. And that's not easy. This kept them interested !! Awesome movie!!

Monday, August 15, 08:39:40 PM

Loved it!! Well done and had a moral to the story. Since it's not likely I'll ever have a pet dragon then the next dog or cat who comes to live with me will be named Elliott. 😊

Sunday, August 14, 10:37:30 PM

Plays like a direct sequel to Redford's earlier hit, The Electric Horseman. Not to be missed.

Sunday, August 14, 05:53:34 PM

Non-stop action, for those who like that sort of thing.

Saturday, August 13, 10:20:37 PM

The movie was great but the 3D was terrible. The 3D was nothing like it used to be. I do not recommend 3D at all.

Saturday, August 13, 09:38:31 PM

Sweet, enchanting and family friendly. A wonderful Disney film

Saturday, August 13, 06:40:41 PM

This has to be one of the worst Disney movies that I have ever seen. It was so boring that it almost put me to sleep and kids that were around me.

Saturday, August 13, 04:33:55 PM

Great movie. Love dragons anyway and this was just a feel-good movie with a great message about family

Saturday, August 13, 07:08:32 AM

The original was much darker -- and better.

Saturday, August 13, 12:15:04 AM

I really enjoyed the movie. I would recommend this movies for all ages.

Friday, August 12, 12:40:27 PM

Good family movie, was a bit slow at times. But nice to have a inspiring movie for the whole family to enjoy.

Friday, August 12, 12:16:32 PM

Totally NOT! what I expected. The acting was awesome, Especially OAKES FEGLEY! Here is one boy I will be looking for in the future. Robert Redford is still charming. Great Heart warming story with something for everyone!!!

Friday, August 12, 10:57:48 AM

Loved it, no scary scenes for little kids, just fun and adventure.

Friday, August 12, 02:08:03 AM

Thank you Tribute for the advanced screening tickets. I really loved this movie! It's very sweet, sincere, and extremely emotional. Elliot the dragon is a wonderful character and his bond with Pete is so touching. This is not a movie for cynical people. It helps to view it through the eyes of a child, but it would take a hard heart not to love Elliot. The movie has a slower pace and an old-fashioned feel compared to other movies. It is beautifully filmed and has a good soundtrack. I couldn't get enough of Elliot and Pete cuddling!

Friday, August 12, 01:10:04 AM

This was a feel good movie. While it started a little slow, the story was told well and I'm sure many kids and parents will enjoy it.

Thursday, August 11, 11:26:51 PM

Thank you so much Tribute for the tickets to the advanced screening to Pete's Dragon. My kids and I enjoyed going to the show. We loved the movie! It combined love, kindness and magic beautifully! It was a heartwarming story with action mixed in. We found ourselves cheering out loud, clapping and even crying. This is a movie for all ages and a MUST see for the summer!

Thursday, August 11, 09:48:12 PM

As a parent taking a 13 ,14 ,and 5 year old to the same movie, I was pleasantly surprised that they all enjoyed the film for its action ,humor and how much the Dragon was like a really big puppy. It holds a great message about family and had enough action for the older kids ,but not too much for the the 5 year old. Very sweet child actors and the older daughter was a standout in the acting department.

Thursday, August 11, 07:25:26 PM

Pete’s Dragon is a terrific remake of 1977 petes dragon . the film is a stunning exploration. of grief, loss, hope, and family. It’s cleverly made with live action and animation that seemed to flow seamlessly. the story is touching and is more about loss and the relationships and how each character deals with loss. the film is fun it as well, I liked the playfulness of the dragon and its willingness to protect its own. I would recommend it to all family members

Thursday, August 11, 05:22:45 PM

My family really enjoyed the movie. It was a touching story with some funny scenes. We watched it at a regular 3D theatre so the colour of the screen was greeny and the contract was a little dark. It could be better if we watched at an AVX theatre.

Thursday, August 11, 04:33:40 PM

Really good movie , I love it, my kids love it too. Super

Thursday, August 11, 04:27:27 PM

Such a good movie. I remember seeing the original when I was a child so I was really looking forward to seeing this movie. Great acting. I love Robert Redford.

Thursday, August 11, 03:11:21 PM

A beautiful, heartwarming retelling of a classic tale of friendship that is sure to touch the heart of the child in every person. I watched it with my husband and 2 kids (age 12 and 5) and we all loved it. I think it's one of the best Disney live adaptation of a classic.

Thursday, August 11, 02:37:48 PM

A sweet movie with a good message. I really enjoyed it.

Thursday, August 11, 02:30:24 PM

A Disney classic racketed up.