Tuesday, August 1, 05:44:19 PM

I liked it.

Saturday, May 6, 09:57:40 PM

Worst movie I have ever seen huge waste of time

Saturday, April 29, 10:13:41 PM

Not a good movie at all, Took way too long to build up the suspense, and the horror part of the movie was atrotious Terrible movie

Friday, April 28, 12:10:47 AM

Surprisingly not a bad movie. Still doesn't deserve anything over 3 stars though.

Friday, April 21, 08:11:29 PM

An interesting film. It really leaves you wondering... A must see for anyone interested in exploring the possibly that we may not be alone in this universe.

Friday, April 21, 03:15:43 AM

I like how the actors are showing good responsibility on the movie and acting is happening in real life