Sunday, January 16, 05:53:39 PM

Absolutely loved this film! The underlying story is so fresh and presented in such a great way! Very heartwarming. Story - great. Score - great. Writing - great. Acting - great. Didn't expect this even after watching the trailer. Well done.

Tuesday, November 2, 05:58:13 AM

Best pig movie since BABE.

Friday, July 30, 10:13:35 PM

At this point (July, 2021), this is the best movie of the year. Cage has also given the best lead performance of 2021. Excellent movie and masterfully paced.

Monday, July 26, 01:38:22 PM

Cage is so good in this role.

Saturday, July 24, 10:47:22 PM

The movie is quite weird. I liked it though. Never seen a movie as with such a bizarre main character but yet interesting. Definitely fictional in many ways. But I was entertained and came out of the theater feeling good. Good movies do that to you.

Monday, July 19, 03:12:17 PM

Something different