Friday, March 2, 03:11:14 PM

It has a lot of funny scenes and the visual side is beautiful but the director didn´t pay much attention to the canon established in previous movies. It could be perfect if it wasn´t in contradiction to them in more than one thing. The new characters are likable and the main villain is exactly the ghostlike type for the movie like this.

Friday, February 2, 01:59:12 PM

It´s hard to rate this movie. It has nice mythology and not overcomplicated plot again, like the very first, but it doesn´t fit in with the previous movies. Jack gave his compass away several times in the past and nothing happened. One could say he didn´t really give it up for good, only lent it, therfore it doesn´t count. OK. But Black Pearl was lifted from the bottom of the sea by Davy Jones for Jack and he was a captain for 13 years, then Kraken came for him. Also the compass was given to him by Tia Dalma (Calypso). If the filmmakers considered the previous stuff and made the movie in relation to the previous ones, it would be better. I like the new characters, the boy is cute and the girl is not trying to kick everyone´s ass but wins through her intelligence, which is better than all Catwomen and Laras. But the dissonance with previous movies is annoying. I also miss more characers from the past like Cotton with his parrot or Pintell and Raghetti.

Monday, October 9, 03:30:28 AM

Great way to reboot the franchise!

Wednesday, October 4, 11:10:43 PM

Didn't finish watching it. Boring.

Friday, September 8, 12:17:15 AM

Such a waste. Please don't kill the franchise

Thursday, September 7, 05:32:14 PM

Really good, a lot better than expected

Monday, August 28, 11:17:43 PM

Amazing movie!!! So happy to see so many members of the original cast and thought the plot was really interesting. I never get tired of this series!

Tuesday, August 15, 07:56:13 PM

It was fun and I enjoyed the story line! However I'am not sure 🤔 that we need another Pirates movie. Maybe a bit overdone!

Monday, August 7, 10:29:37 PM

I really liked it a lot. 4 stars

Saturday, August 5, 11:22:24 AM

Certainly delivers on the usual Pirates of the Caribbean theme ... there was a pointless but interesting cameo by McCartney. J.Depp was average in his acting, but movie was entertaining.

Tuesday, August 1, 07:56:15 PM

Lots of cool effects and great action. Well done, Disney!

Tuesday, August 1, 07:41:08 PM

This movie was very very good and awesome.

Tuesday, August 1, 07:31:02 PM

The movie was great :)

Monday, July 31, 12:05:06 PM

I loved this movie!! Better than I expected too!!

Friday, July 28, 05:44:11 PM

Totally entertaining. Awesome special effects. Loved it!!

Tuesday, July 25, 10:50:04 PM

I was on the edge of my seat. I love it.

Sunday, July 23, 10:29:59 PM

An amazing and enteraining film!

Tuesday, July 18, 09:39:08 PM

Loved it! Amazing special effects!

Tuesday, July 18, 09:35:49 PM

Really enjoyed this. Good supporting cast.

Wednesday, July 12, 07:17:26 PM

Everyone was great except J Depp, His acting was a real disappointment. I enjoyed all the POTC movies except this one. He ruined what could have been a pretty entertaining final chapter.

Friday, July 7, 01:54:21 PM

Great ending to the franchise(although they have it set up to continue if they so choose). If you liked the older movies this wont disappoint

Tuesday, July 4, 09:26:08 PM

awesome, great and amazing movie!

Sunday, July 2, 02:27:37 PM

Was funny Great acting Kept your interest Surprise ending. Go see it.

Sunday, July 2, 01:15:42 AM

* Totally enjoyed this one - in many ways the best P's of the C of them all. Solid, solid work from everyone involved. This had a muscular yet seamless vibe to it - everything worked well. Think I'll go see it for a second time - visually very compelling on the big screen and my early vote for the Oscar for sound editing - superb !

Saturday, July 1, 01:08:28 AM

Always good family entertainment. Stunts, humor, action and .... a cameo appearance by Paul McCartney! Lots of fun and I think lots of fun for the cast. I look forward to the next one. Lots of possibilities for amother!

Tuesday, June 27, 06:05:02 PM

So, they must have spent big big money making this; fantastic sets, special effects, costumes and background and action and more action from start to However, the weakness was J Depp....he really did not act, he just delivered "one liners"; short cuts of him with a funny sentence. I could have done Depp's script. But hey, action,action and more action with an ending that I thought quite corny. Seriously, if you are not would probably be 5 stars.

Monday, June 26, 11:37:39 PM

Loved this movie. Very entertaining .Great plot and visual effects. J.Depp was great as always. My second favorite for the year.

Saturday, June 24, 06:04:01 PM

Dumbest movie ever !!

Saturday, June 24, 01:37:33 PM

Great movie and glad I stayed until the very end for the clip! Raises more questions as intended! LOL

Friday, June 23, 04:44:28 PM

Optical illusions. Funny .

Friday, June 23, 04:21:23 PM

A dumb movie. If it were not for the Spanish ship I would have left early.

Friday, June 23, 03:01:25 AM

I went in with an open mind to see that last of the Pirates movies and found it to be pretty good, but it did lack some of the charm that Jack Sparrow had in the prior movies, not quite as eccentric as in the others but that i believe comes with Jack being older. All in all a good finish to the series and was nice to see almost all the original cast come back even for cameo's.

Wednesday, June 21, 05:07:28 PM

Really enjoyed it -- takes a lot to make a film like this. Would go to see it again and will indeed when it is on dvd.

Tuesday, June 20, 11:12:15 AM

I loved it., was entertaining right from the start. I enjoyed the new spin on the Turner family and look forward to what comes next The movie has some really good looking men in it that is for sure!

Sunday, June 18, 08:03:54 PM

Sweet moses smell the roses, that was absolutely atrocious from start to finish. The last 8 of 10 movies johnny's starred in have been a complete just. Open your eyes people.

Sunday, June 18, 02:33:57 PM

Definitely worth the price of admission.

Sunday, June 18, 12:05:13 PM

Everything, too much to list, follows movie plot from previous movies such as the compass.

Sunday, June 18, 09:02:16 AM

Huge amount of fun. Different characters gave it variety. Lots of endings from previous Pirates got explained. Great effects and the uplifting music!

Saturday, June 17, 08:52:15 PM

I went to see a Pirates of the Caribbean movie, and that's what I saw. No ground breaking plot, more Captain Jack Sparrow, more undead sailors, and may not exceed your expectations, but still just a lot of fun to watch.

Saturday, June 17, 08:41:54 PM

This movie is as bad as battlefield earth with Travolta, Game over pirates franchise.