Monday, August 20, 01:32:37 PM

Wayyyy better than I thought. Take it for what it is. A fun and funny mocumentary . Obviously over the top imitations of the lavish lifestyle and poor diva-like choices the celebrities make. It was hilarious.

Sunday, July 3, 10:55:07 PM

It was an AMAZING MOVIE!!! Best documentary type comedy since Borat. You'll love it and please support this movie as it isn't selling as many tickets as it should.

Sunday, July 3, 10:53:20 PM

Now this is what I call comedy gold. By far the funniest movie this year. The songs are clever and the movie doesn't take it self to seriously. A must watch in my opinion.

Wednesday, June 22, 02:14:34 AM

That was the worst idiotic peice of sh*t movie I ever seen the only thing good about it was the music

Wednesday, June 15, 12:47:04 AM


Saturday, June 4, 09:40:01 PM

Sexier than Magic Mike!!!

Saturday, June 4, 12:14:36 PM

STU...PID...spend your bucks and if you do I Honestly hope you enjoy it

Friday, June 3, 12:40:07 PM

completely ridiculous, laugh out loud funny! Can't take a movie like this too seriously..

Friday, June 3, 06:02:14 AM

saw 15 minutes of it...move along folks nothing to see here

Thursday, May 19, 03:07:33 AM

This looks awesome! Easily my most anticipated film of the summer! I can't wait! Soundtrack will be slammin'!