Sunday, March 15, 05:59:22 PM

It’s a French movie about a painter and her subject, and the entire movie is like viewing a gorgeous, dynamic French painting (with an audio track ;). I’m planning to go back and see it again, and I’m hoping it’s going to become available through Apple’s TV app (you know – the one that used to be iTunes) so I can buy it and watch it whenever I want to.

Wednesday, March 11, 01:01:33 PM

This is by far my favorite movie ever! I want more

Tuesday, March 10, 04:08:33 PM

Delightful. It is a shame we can't get films like this made in America and are instead treated to bad films like Emma.

Saturday, March 7, 07:57:37 PM

A very beautiful and poignant movie! Best movie I've seen in a while!

Friday, March 6, 11:51:02 AM

Excellent! Excellent acting, direction. Beautiful. Finally, a film that really launches a critical dialogue about the female gaze. It also captures the beauty of western France.

Wednesday, March 4, 09:46:09 AM

Beautifully shot, wonderfully paced. Thought provoking and moving. Will see it again

Monday, March 2, 02:31:04 PM

Tender, moving, wholly engaging. A flawlessly paced and beautifully acted bit of motion picture craftsmanship not to be missed! I will probably get in line and see it again.

Sunday, March 1, 04:40:15 PM

The worst film I have ever seen In years, totally boring. Hardly any dialogue, and the story line was absurd. There has been No critical reviews in the press A it’s a totally woke film. The acting was wooden and not realistic at all. Some people who have seen it walked out. The theatre we were in only one other couple.

Saturday, February 29, 12:06:46 PM

stunning picture, plot and authenic to real life experience

Saturday, February 22, 09:46:26 PM

Loved it. Funny that all the previews were gore, blood, violent , or scary. Then a lovely poignant lesbian love story.

Saturday, February 22, 04:34:40 PM

Excellent photography in this reflective movie! It surrounds two women discovering their lesbian desires through their work and duties. One is a painter that develops the typical masculine desire of gazing and appreciation. Her muse is in the more typical female style of wanting to be admired. There are some boring patches, where I drifted, but the more interesting qualities were the body language, facial expressions that left the audience to fill in the blanks themselves. This was especially notable in the final shot. The audience, what audience?! I was in the middle of an empty theatre with only a handful of women in the back. At least the sex wasn't overly graphic which would distract from the storytelling. I was left with the message of the damage caused by repression, which can lead to unnecessary suicidal thoughts. Everybody wants love, but it has to be authentic.

Saturday, February 22, 03:07:56 PM

Film is lush and beautiful. Yes, it is slow but when you place yourself in front of a beautiful painting, you enjoy, study and reflect. The pace is very effective and the actors are gifted with the brushwork of director, Celine Sciamma. With all of the recent films containing graphic violence, sophomoric humor and shallow screenplays, this film refreshes the day. Great work!

Thursday, February 20, 04:55:26 PM


Sunday, February 9, 04:51:37 AM

Possibly one of the most beautiful works I've seen on the female gaze. The direction from Celine Sciamma was completely stunning

Friday, January 10, 04:31:33 PM

It is well filmed but the pace is too slow and the plot is too plain for my taste. I found it very boring.