Tuesday, March 5, 12:14:24 PM

Great movie! I see some reviewers didn’t like it. Probably because it’s true. This was better than Elvis

Tuesday, March 5, 12:11:42 PM

I thought it was very accurate honest insightful. Worth seeing unless you are an idiot who likes to be fooled with bs.

Sunday, December 24, 03:57:40 AM

Complete waste of time and money. I kept looking at my watch as I thought it would never end. Very choppy storyline and very poorly directed.

Wednesday, November 29, 07:29:01 AM

My friend and I both left feeling like we'd just seen a Hallmark movie, or some other type of made-for-TV movie. It was disappointing and the ending really abrupt. I wouldn't waste my money on this one. It'll be on TV in no time if you really want to see it.

Friday, November 24, 07:33:10 PM

Interesting perspective from Perscilla's story, excellent cast, sad story of addiction, family co dependency & emotional trauma

Tuesday, November 21, 02:34:21 PM

Let’s start with the casting of a 6’5 Elordi and 5’1 Spaeny…deliberately jarring and a distraction throughout. This is a snoozer with no depth, no story, no chemistry and no reason to keep watching. Just a series of choppy scenes and an abrupt ending. And let’s not be fooled here, Priscilla knew exactly how this portrayal of Elvis would be received. Don’t forget, this is the second run at adapting her book to film. Interesting timing. No surprise, the haters are out in full force and having a field day. She did get top billing this time though. I hope it was worth it. And for all the Coppola hype, this is a dark, sad and forgettable waste of time and money. Don’t waste yours. Some walked out. Wishing I would have.

Sunday, November 19, 10:03:23 PM

Oooppppss in my review I meant at the end money can't buy love or a successful marriage.. ....as I give this movie 9/10 and going to see it again

Sunday, November 19, 07:10:44 PM

Excellent film.......would see it again. ....props from 60s 70s is top notch and editing direction is amazing, typical with bad people review, people seem to forget it real life of Priscilla and how she felt about her marriage, just shows money can buy love or a successful marriage

Tuesday, November 14, 06:13:49 PM

Her story needed to be told. So much love it hurts! She was lonely and married too young. Acting not the best.

Monday, November 13, 10:05:55 AM

Great movie with a dreamy quality.

Saturday, November 11, 06:33:37 PM

Slow and boring to me with nothing new to the story

Friday, November 10, 06:17:40 PM

I did not like either actor. I knew the story so that was not the issue. I just did not like the actors

Friday, November 10, 03:51:19 PM

So Good. The lead actress is wonderful and the movie really opens your eyes to what happens when a 14 year old is wooed by the most famous star in the world, who suddenly makes it seems like you're important to him. Of course she would fall under his spell. Could have had a better Elvis though. He's a good actor but not like Elvis at all.

Friday, November 10, 02:47:06 PM

It appears to be a movie by a very vindictive woman. Not worth seeing. Cannot hear several parts of it as well. Sorry we wasted our time and money on it.

Thursday, November 9, 11:31:28 AM

Sophia Coppola is a great director.

Thursday, November 9, 09:41:35 AM

Compared to other movies about Elvis and Priscilla it was rather boring and flat. Elvis is portrayed as this soft spoken person when other documentaries show a loud, outgoing and sometimes aggressive Elvis. Some small details made it seem less true to life, ie. Elvis' grandmother in photos is a thin woman not the rotund grandmother in movie. There were other small inaccuracies. It was okay but you would get a more interesting, accurate movie/documentary on YouTube.

Wednesday, November 8, 12:31:10 PM

This is a fantastic movie.

Monday, November 6, 02:19:15 PM

A dream come true for a young lady, but dreams only last so long.

Saturday, November 4, 11:19:55 PM

Best Elvis bio-pic ever! Highly recommend reading the book on which the movie is based. 5/5

Saturday, November 4, 07:28:13 PM

Enjoyed it! But we would say it was just okay; we could have waited for the home screen!! Nice to know the other side of the story

Saturday, November 4, 04:54:39 PM

The movie is a metaphor for her sex life. You keep waiting for something to happen and it doesn't. Hard to believe that they managed to have a baby.

Friday, November 3, 09:53:34 PM

The movie was OK - a good B+ movie. I think most of us already knew what she went thru but it was well acted by all involved. I think some scenes were cut to spare embarrassment but over all - a good movie to see on Friday night.

Friday, November 3, 08:56:15 PM

At least they got a guy who looks like Elvis to play him this time.