Friday, September 20, 10:31:27 PM

A W E S O M E # R A M B O

Friday, September 20, 08:56:57 PM

What a cheap piece of crap movie. Surprised Stallone would even appear in it. I'm visually impaired, and don't want to go to a movie to read half of it. An embarrassment to the Rambo series name!

Friday, September 20, 08:47:13 PM

Home Alone, the Mercenary Edition

Friday, September 20, 04:09:25 PM

Let me just say this

Friday, September 20, 03:54:49 PM

It was really cool to see a mainstream movie that's so pro-Trump. Liberalism had its moment in the sun; it's time now to return to those things we held so dear before progressive thinking got in the way.

Friday, September 20, 02:20:18 PM

Loved this movie.................Sylvester Stallone did a great job as Rambo

Friday, September 20, 01:37:26 PM

This Rambo movie stays true to the original first blood movie in that John Rambo doesn't catch any breaks and is tormented by the loss of the girl he thinks of as his daughter. Bullies pick on Rambo and Rambo destroys them. The difference being that these killings were a little bit more gruesome then the first one but it is a sign of our present times when it comes to violence. The movie was entertaining from start to end and if a person fell asleep watching the movie because that is what I read in one review then that person must have been under the weather lol. None the less a good way to wrap up the Rambo saga. Too bad there won't be any more Rambo movies because they were all action packed and entertaining.

Friday, September 20, 12:45:07 PM

CRAPPY - fell asleep halfway

Friday, September 20, 10:50:48 AM

ONE WORD................RAMBO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, September 19, 10:00:20 PM

I love Yvette Monreal, She's a really good actress

Thursday, September 19, 08:19:29 PM

R A M B O D I D I T A G A I N ! ! ! !

Thursday, September 19, 07:01:46 PM

Loved the movie.

Thursday, September 19, 06:16:17 PM

Great to see RAMBO back on the big screen and I AM A BIG FAN OF RAMBO

Thursday, September 19, 12:07:33 PM

It is pretty much what you would expect. Too bad for Halloween we didn't get Freddy Kruger versus Rambo where they both manage to kill each other off.

Wednesday, September 18, 01:21:26 PM


Sunday, September 15, 06:39:30 AM

John Rambo in a cowboy hat? Ridiculous.

Tuesday, August 20, 10:14:52 PM

Last Blood should have been about John Rambo going BACK to the same town in the First Blood movie and becoming the town's new Mayor! and then later an Ex-soldier comes into the same town to wreck Havoc the exact same way John did it in the first movie! The Ex-solider is played by Michelle Rodriguez! That would be a much better LAST BLOOD!