Tuesday, June 12, 01:52:21 PM

If only it had been made by a neutral director. She had a great story to tell, to bad it was "mistold" by CNN

Sunday, June 10, 11:29:16 PM

Accurate, funny, witty and historically accurate. RBG (herself) is inspiring. This movie is a real upper in a time of tension and chaos. One of the best films of any type that I've seen in a long time.

Monday, May 28, 05:10:04 PM

Notorious RBG proving good things come in small packages. Inspirational!

Monday, May 28, 01:32:57 PM


Monday, May 28, 05:18:39 AM

very well documented excellent film.

Saturday, May 26, 02:09:44 PM

Quite possibly one of the most destructive forces on the SCOTUS. Her rulings have done nothing but hasten the decline of civilization.

Wednesday, May 23, 05:50:55 PM

I found it so moving and inspirational, while also being entertaining.