Saturday, December 29, 08:58:22 PM

I watch this movie everyday. I love Danni and Cameron!!! Wish I could have it on DVD.

Wednesday, September 19, 01:37:23 AM

It was extremely meaningful and it taught me a lot. The movie was very realistic and it gave me the confidence to now that looks and followers don't matter, your personality does.

Sunday, April 29, 12:48:28 AM

It as trying to capture between pretty in pink and 16 candles. TWO movies I love , but Not even close. Predictable, not funny, and lacked depth.

Thursday, February 15, 01:53:19 PM

It was very interesting . It was great : )

Thursday, February 15, 07:01:21 AM

I loved this movie, it was a very fun and lively movie. Movies like this one should come out more because this movie was amazing to watch. I really recommend that everyone watches this movie if you feels liken watching something amazing.

Sunday, December 31, 03:09:51 AM

Loved how it was an all around fun movie. Great acting by the leads and surrounding cast as well. There should be more movies made like this. Love Dani and camron

Monday, November 13, 10:23:58 PM

I LOVE this movie it's so good! I wish there was a #realityhigh2 i neeeed one!!

Saturday, October 7, 04:50:49 AM

This movie has no point. It is not like real high school at all. If you want to waste your time watching it feel free but it sucks

Wednesday, September 20, 10:32:45 AM

this a great film and i love it so much is very true and funny please watch