Friday, July 21, 10:15:38 AM

Umm , Leonard and horror doesn't jive for me. Next.

Sunday, May 7, 11:43:07 PM

it was alright, just like the others

Tuesday, May 2, 10:08:33 PM

Awful. That's an hour and a half of my life wasted.

Monday, March 6, 02:21:03 AM

Not bad not the best ring movie but it was better than ring 2

Monday, February 13, 06:57:26 PM


Saturday, February 11, 10:29:49 PM

Watching this movie will kill you - from boredom. Lots of rehashed creepy images from previous versions. Theme is the same - so what!

Friday, February 10, 02:20:53 AM

Absolute garbage what a waste of money

Thursday, February 9, 05:17:46 PM

An absolute mess. I'm amazed that they actually went through with this. Beginning to nothing that I could enjoy, Or Beginning thank God to the end, Hideous. 1 of 5 is being to generous. 0.5 of 5 is what I really feel.

Thursday, February 9, 04:31:24 PM

Double crap

Wednesday, February 8, 07:38:19 AM


Monday, February 6, 09:59:05 PM

If you liked Rings 1&2 well this is the sequel so.... Pretty much the same. I think they're going to have another one by the way it finishes

Monday, February 6, 06:45:35 PM

What a disappointment. I'm a fan of the previous Ring movies and got my hopes up. Very slow, boring, and bland. I kept waiting for the movie to get better but it never did. Not scary. Weak plot. Overall, a HUGE LETDOWN. Don't bother.

Saturday, February 4, 07:37:04 PM

I can't believe how dumb and nonsense this movie is. Loved the older versions. Such a waste!

Saturday, February 4, 01:49:09 PM

Not worth the ticket price. The writer didn't even attempt to stick to the original story line; there was pretty much zero continuity. Poor Johnny Galecki, what an embarrassment!? I guess he's just getting bored with The Big Bang.

Friday, February 3, 09:22:22 PM

More fun watching the previews

Friday, February 3, 09:21:35 PM

Sooooo boring, treequal no good.