Saturday, September 16, 11:47:26 AM

Wasn't a good story. Some parts were nasty. Kinda perverted.

Thursday, September 7, 05:49:31 AM

I am a huge movie fan and I consider myself as an average joe when it comes to movies. This movie sucked big time. I can't believe some people have rated it as 5 stars. Please don't waste your time and money

Saturday, September 2, 12:34:25 AM

Obviously fake reviews are obvious

Wednesday, August 23, 12:50:45 AM

funny ! had the entire theater laughing ... enjoy it .... :)

Sunday, August 20, 11:50:22 AM

should be 0 but there is no 0

Wednesday, July 26, 09:56:58 PM

Kate Mckinnon is hilarious, and this movie proves it

Wednesday, July 26, 09:52:17 PM

Not sure why people found this movie so offensive... if you like raunchy comedies, this movie is for you

Wednesday, July 26, 09:49:37 PM

So funny!!

Thursday, July 20, 08:17:35 PM

Brilliantly written and directed. Great chemistry and great pace, laugh out loud funny! Finger on the pulse of today's women. Saw it 4 times!!

Saturday, July 15, 12:04:54 AM

I am a big girl myself. I am giving it five stars just because all of you "big girls", you are not are all freaking cows !!! Anyhow, you are all upset because this movie "stereotyped" you ???? Oh grow up you big herd of moo moos, funny is funny..............and this film certainly was !!!! My husband enjoyed it too.

Wednesday, July 12, 05:44:07 AM was so very sucky

Tuesday, July 11, 06:20:44 PM

I can honestly say this was without a doubt the worst movie I have seen this year, by far

Monday, July 10, 08:26:33 AM

you know what....this the first time I have ever walked out of a movie before it ended....6 people had already left before me...when I left the theatre was literally empty and the film still had a good 20 minutes to go

Sunday, July 9, 09:44:33 PM

OMG, this is the Worst movie I have ever seen. Wanted to give it 0 stars but the lowest option was 1 star, which is 1 star too many.

Sunday, July 9, 11:36:19 AM

it was terrible

Sunday, July 9, 07:36:17 AM

Easily the best movie of the summer.

Sunday, July 9, 06:35:36 AM

Easily the worst movie of the Summer !

Saturday, July 8, 10:57:42 PM

so very bad

Saturday, July 8, 07:07:13 PM

I am a big girl, they way they portray girls with a few extra pounds is shameful !

Saturday, July 8, 04:47:22 PM

If your idea of a good time is a snuff film were a fat ugly woman kills a good looking man, and it goes downhill from there....

Saturday, July 8, 04:44:35 PM

Wtf, worst movie I have EVER seen !!!

Saturday, July 8, 11:33:19 AM

So good! The best comedy of the summer!

Saturday, July 8, 11:24:48 AM

WOW so bad. Simplistic plot, not sexy, infantile attempt at humor. Has Hollywood just lost touch with the general public in understanding what we want? Hollywood is digging its own grave by releasing these kinds of movies, no one will want to see them. Scarlett has joined Amy Schumer on the list of future cat hoarders.

Saturday, July 8, 09:57:59 AM

not funny...highly inappropriate

Saturday, July 8, 06:53:53 AM

O M G just awful...did not laugh once

Saturday, July 8, 06:29:02 AM

u know what, this movie made me ashamed to be a girl. my boyfriend hated it too

Friday, July 7, 08:13:50 PM

Loaded with raunchy attempts at humor. Like telling someone to pull your finger and then f..t So Bad & So Not Funny

Friday, July 7, 06:05:35 PM

I watched this to humor my girlfriend...Before it was even over, she apologized to me and we got up and walk out

Friday, July 7, 03:47:09 PM

What a Stinker !

Friday, July 7, 10:39:01 AM

omg I can't believe how bad this was. they shame fat ugly girls, they disrespect and make aussies look like idiots, and they shame men. about the only thing they didn't do was call the black girl the n word !!!

Friday, July 7, 08:03:27 AM

I am Australian and find the portrayal of the girl from there to be insulting and offence. Totally Inappropriate !

Thursday, July 6, 04:46:22 PM

I am a larger female, and am sick of these movie portraying big girls as idiots BOOOOO

Thursday, July 6, 04:45:07 PM

As a women I found this movie, highly inappropriate !

Thursday, July 6, 01:05:41 PM

Funny movie, not sure why so many trashed it. It's not a family comedy that is for sure but nothing was really offensive like lots have said in these reviews. If you are a fan of rough comedies you will like this movie!

Wednesday, July 5, 10:41:29 PM

Watched this against my will to humor the wife. SHE said let's go, before it was over, yeah that's how bad it was

Wednesday, July 5, 09:33:46 PM

Watched a few minutes on line...wish I had not wasted a few minutes on it

Wednesday, July 5, 07:14:41 PM

oh wow, i actually walked out of this movie before it was over

Wednesday, July 5, 06:10:06 AM

Shameful and Inappropriate

Tuesday, July 4, 07:22:53 PM

this is the first movie I actually wanted to give 0 stars. they make you give 1 and that is 1 to many

Tuesday, July 4, 01:43:02 PM

So according to this movie "fat" girls are morons that kill strippers. So Inappropriate !!!