Thursday, March 16, 08:44:43 AM


Friday, December 2, 09:57:04 PM

A good old school movie in which nothing blows up, the actors are accomplished, and the plot and dialogue are intelligent. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I wish they made more movies like this

Thursday, December 1, 02:13:12 PM

Great movie, very entertaining. Acting was superb and the movie had a nice mix of drama, romance and comedy.

Sunday, November 27, 11:43:41 PM

Worst movie I have seen in a long time

Saturday, November 26, 07:55:04 PM of the worst movies I've ever seen. So slow...warren Beatty was sooooo boring .... Sorry .... Too much negative to say about this movie and I was so looking forward to seeing it :(

Saturday, November 26, 01:54:33 AM

The movie moved along very slowly and there were too many lulls. I was very excited about seeing this movie, but came out of it very disappointed.

Friday, November 25, 08:32:27 PM

This movie had it all, great acting, excellent story, enjoyable right through. Lily Collins was excellent. It was nice to see Warren Beatty as a main character, he was terrific.