Friday, March 22, 07:53:05 PM

Excellent, Excellent movie to see.

Thursday, March 14, 11:54:02 PM

Five Stars This movie was a high five!! Tim Tebow continues to use his gifts and talents to glorify God!! Wonderful movie with great acting.

Tuesday, March 12, 02:42:47 PM


Sunday, March 10, 09:01:44 PM

It is so good! Real life situation. I highly recommend it to be watched.

Saturday, March 9, 02:37:17 AM

Great movie! Good acting, interesting story, very moving.

Wednesday, March 6, 06:00:50 PM

Forgiveness . . Best part of being human.

Monday, March 4, 01:45:54 PM

Strong, powerful story ! a must see !

Sunday, March 3, 01:42:15 PM

God works even in the face of tragedy and disappointments. This movie shows that when we know him we can be survivors in this fallen world because we have a future with him and can look forward to a forever life with our Savior!

Saturday, March 2, 03:06:55 PM

There is always hope for a broken family when we reach out to God to be able to forgive past hurts and gives us the strength to persevere under adverse circumstances and grief. The movie shows that more harm than good comes from an unforgiving spirit. By turning to God for help many blessings come into ones life by letting go of hate and making the choice to reach out to those that have hurt us. God also has a plan for our life and the perseverance to achieve all He has planned for us. He does bless us when we trust Him with the details. He faithfully stays with us through thick and thin. Awesome movie. God Bless Tim Tebow

Saturday, March 2, 08:36:57 AM

The acting and story were both fantastic.

Friday, March 1, 08:22:26 PM

Absolutely LOVED this movie!! Very inspirational message about finding God in the midst of life's hard times and challenges. Go see it!!!

Friday, March 1, 07:47:49 PM

Very true to life. We all have a race to run. It’s only with God’s help we see the value in that race.

Thursday, February 28, 08:10:56 AM

A very moving film!

Wednesday, February 27, 04:55:33 PM

Wonderful illustration of life and mankind's pitfalls, but even weak faith can endure when you trust in God and run toward Him.

Monday, February 25, 07:01:47 PM

A wonderful movie for all to see! Life can be difficult at times but when you turn to God, He will help you through.

Monday, February 25, 05:34:16 PM

A wonderful film to see by all. An inspirational movie.

Monday, February 25, 05:32:35 PM

Love this movie as god is so good. A wonderful movie for all.

Monday, February 25, 05:14:59 AM

Run the race, was fantastic,inspirational,tearful,joyful and very true. Life can and will be difficult but when you run to God, He has overcome the world and will keep you in His arms. Thank You Jesus.

Saturday, February 23, 12:00:55 PM

Terrific family movie.

Thursday, February 21, 09:20:54 PM

Great storyline and cast

Thursday, February 21, 09:19:43 PM

Enjoyed the. Story love Kristoffer Poloha

Monday, February 18, 12:23:11 PM

Liked that it’s faith bases

Sunday, February 17, 02:13:07 PM

This movie is trash and it smells bad