Wednesday, January 24, 02:21:30 PM

I would actually have liked this movie overall, it's clever enough, but that scene of the guy slurping up spermy water from the bathtub drain still makes me feel like throwing up. The scene where he's dancing naked with his johnson bouncing around was alright tho.

Wednesday, January 10, 07:54:43 PM

Did not like. Ending decent

Thursday, January 4, 03:04:09 PM

I thought this was supposed to be a black comedy. I was hard pressed to laugh at any scene. The lead (Barry playing Quick) was rather bland and dead eyed. I started to clue in it was either a dream or he is the one (not his parents) with mental health issues when he suddenly had strange moments of extreme self-confidence telling the mother she was "f-ing beautiful" and then what he did with the sister and so on. I'm sorry but does anyone actually do the things he did? ie: The bathwater scene or the grave scene? I did enjoy the twist at the very end. That finally made it make a little sense. Would I ever watch it again-NO. Would I recommend...not for homophobes, but people with VERY open minds. It is a rather slow burn.

Tuesday, January 2, 02:44:04 PM

Enjoyed the naked dancing by Barry Keoghan at the end. Lots of penis bobbing about, lol. About time we saw naked men instead of women.

Sunday, December 10, 08:23:41 AM

Weird and wonderful. So very entertaining.

Friday, December 8, 11:14:30 AM

Absolute Perfection in a psychological (slightly perverse) thriller. It's one of the best films in past decade. Every actor is superb- Barry Keoghan deserves Best Actor & Emerald Fennel Oscar for writing/directing. I was shocked in "Promising Young Woman", but this is off the charts. It's "The Talented Mr. Ripley" (99) meets "Call Be By Your Name"(2018) with Some facets of "The Favourite"(2018). The ending is pure joy, in every sense. It's a fulfilling movie that engages every sensation and is more grandiose & shocking than "The Cook, The Thief, His Wife & Her Lover". (90). Loved it!!!!

Thursday, November 30, 10:36:04 AM

excellent acting

Wednesday, November 29, 08:57:16 AM

I loved Barry Keoghan in The Banshees of Inisherin so I was looking forward to seeing him in another role. What a mistake. I gag every time I remember the scene in which he rims a bathtub drain to drink up water left behind after another man masturbated in it. Is this supposed to be entertainment?

Tuesday, November 28, 06:19:43 PM

It was good.

Tuesday, November 28, 10:35:06 AM

I wistful for the days of attractive movie stars. The leading man in this looks like a train hit him.

Monday, November 27, 10:11:36 AM

Don't listen to the one star critics, this movie is worth seeing.

Sunday, November 26, 11:59:30 PM

Very strange with very weird characters

Sunday, November 26, 04:43:38 PM

This has got to be the worst movie ever made. We want a refund!

Sunday, November 26, 04:42:23 PM

This has got to be the worst movie ever made. We want a refund!

Thursday, November 23, 01:30:52 PM

Jacob Elordi is really good in this, much better than he was in Priscilla, but the movie, which starts off okay, turns seriously weird and degrading. I hope I can eventually get some of the visuals out of my mind because they were sickening. I wish I'd watched anything else.

Thursday, November 16, 01:31:13 AM

I like everything and disliked everything.