Tuesday, January 9, 12:53:57 PM

Great movie. It is very entertaining while also exploring human and character issues. Inspirational.

Saturday, November 11, 07:00:19 PM

True, inspiring and time well spent!

Sunday, November 5, 05:38:59 PM

True to the book!

Friday, November 3, 11:50:19 AM

True story; amazing how originary lives can have such an impact on so many other people; everyone should see this movie.

Thursday, November 2, 06:22:33 PM

My friend and I really enjoyed this movie from beginning to end. Several great messages we can all take home with us plus learn from. As soon as I got home I called my adult son to let him and his wife know that they should go and see this movie. They would not be sorry. Based on a true story and up-lifting. Ladies, bring some tissues.

Tuesday, October 31, 06:55:42 PM

What an inspirational movie with a message of love , Hope and caring for our fellow man!, I am so happy I went to see this and I left feeling this is the kind of message we need to hear more often! Wonderful acting by the entire cast! Bring on more movies like this!!!!

Tuesday, October 31, 06:27:06 PM

This movie is a must see - full of hope, Love, forgiveness and faith in God and our fellow man without any barriers, whether rich or poor!!!! This true story proved “God is no respector of persons! Marian Kroeker

Monday, October 30, 11:49:24 AM

I left revived and full of hope for our world This film was full of hope and forgiveness and love for all The acting was very well done and I left wanting more of their story

Monday, October 30, 08:50:23 AM

Great movie. Wish we had the opportunity to see more movies like this one. Our egocentric world is filled with negative entertainment. I plan to encourage others to go see Same Kind of Different as Me.

Sunday, October 29, 03:19:53 PM

Absolutely wonderful! With so many trashy, blood and guts, it refreshing to see a movie of this caliber. I was afraid I'd be disappointed since I read the book, I WAS NOT! Wish Hollywood would take notice of quality films.

Saturday, October 28, 09:43:49 AM

Went to the red carpet premiere after reading the book. Thought the cast was fantastic. Hollywood made a good movie based on a true story. It is real life so not much of what sells movies today is here but it is worth seeing. Bring some tissues and get ready to have your heart challenged by what can happen at a Union Gospel Mission (though you won't have the gospel preached to you). I am going again to see it with friends.

Saturday, October 28, 12:31:01 AM

This movie beautifully portrayed forgiveness, love, and compassion. Renee Zellweger and Greg Kinnear were both OUTSTANDING--in fact, the entire cast was great. Based on a true story. I wish they would make more movies like this--clean, wholesome entertainment, but true to life situations.

Friday, October 27, 02:09:51 PM

Excellent movie! A must see. Heartwarming! Love in action!

Friday, October 27, 12:19:18 AM

This movie is real. It is NOT a fast-paced action movie - but it is very genuine. I would highly recommend reading the book - which is - as always - much better than the movie!

Thursday, October 26, 07:21:29 PM

The Lord truly spoke to me through this movie!!

Thursday, October 26, 09:26:12 AM

We went on the high ratings but did not agree in any way- this movie was the biggest waste of time and money to date. (we left early) The filming was dark (why?) the story and dialogue boring and pointless. Don't (I repeat don't) waste your money and time.

Wednesday, October 25, 09:22:13 PM

Gosh this was so good!!! The whole world should see it!!! The acting was so incredible.

Wednesday, October 25, 10:19:08 AM

The movie was wonderful. Best movie I've seen for a long time. There should be more movies like this one.

Tuesday, October 24, 06:44:11 PM

A wonderful, heartwarming movie with a great message. Loved the actors and their characters. Enjoyed the movie.

Monday, October 23, 05:07:32 PM

Totally enjoyable real life, real people, inspirational movie.

Monday, October 23, 05:06:03 PM

Didn't know much about it, really enjoyed it. A movie of real life and real people, inspirational and touching.

Monday, October 23, 05:05:03 PM

Wonderful movie of real people and real life with faith. A must see.

Monday, October 23, 01:05:14 PM

Same Kind of Different – well done acting etc. - it shows what caring people under God's influence can achieve if moved in the right direction & is a movie that everyone needs to see especially those in the USA because it is a powder keg right at this moment that Mr.Trump started & needs to be defused before it explodes into another civil war!

Sunday, October 22, 01:26:31 AM

About time we had a good film that gets you thinking.

Saturday, October 21, 09:52:16 AM

If you are looking for an action movie, this is not it. If you are looking for a real life story of caring about other people, this is it. If you don't want to do any soul searching, don't go to this movie. If you can handle some soul-searching, this movie will do it to you. In my opinion, very little coming out of Hollywood is inspiring. This movie is definitely an exception. It should at least be nominated for best picture.

Saturday, October 21, 12:26:49 AM

It was a "real" life story that affects so many of us today!! A good, clean and heart-warming story of how we can ALL change our attitudes and DO something for our fellow man!