Friday, October 27, 01:16:22 PM

Never COULD see the appeal. If I Go to these flicks it's to have my brain twisted a bit, and have a few Scares or nail-biters along the way. Guts for Guts sake....not My Cuppa. Obviously some DO like it, or this schlock Couldn't be made......COULD it???? Give me something I can sink my TEETH into--- with some Class, some tasteful sexiness thrown into the scariness and freaky Spaciness. Give me some Fellini but scarier, like Jodorosky (sp?) of El Topo fame, like what's coming out of Spain & other places, but seldon fm the US. THIS is More for teens & tweens w/marginal education & lack of empathy. CAN IT! And a GOOD SOUNDTRACK!!! WANNA SEE GOOD??? (imo, natch...) S.1 & 2 of the Spooky, Good v. Evil, God v. SATAN Horror/Thriller '30 COINS'. One highlight of our wonderful Lockdown. For ME, anyway.

Wednesday, October 11, 02:12:42 AM

One of the best movies yet, Saw is back fr fr

Friday, October 6, 09:14:06 AM

Love this movie. Saw is back.

Friday, October 6, 01:15:21 AM

For god's sake, stop making these shit movies. There are people who were born after this franchise started that have died of terminal illness as adults. Let it end!

Wednesday, October 4, 01:00:31 PM

It is really nice to see that Saw is back with a good sequel.

Sunday, October 1, 02:06:04 PM

For anyone who likes gore this movie is for you. I've seen all the previous saw movies, l liked them alot because of the twists, but I think it's the end of more saw movies.

Saturday, September 30, 10:15:51 PM

This is a very good Saw movie. Better than that stupid Nun ll.

Friday, September 29, 08:22:52 PM

A for gore - but D for bore

Monday, September 25, 09:01:49 PM

Welcome back!